Needle and Thread Network-Did You Know?

My story as quirky as my life is with such a focus as quilting in my life, I'm so overwhelmed with the kind comments, the new followers and to be featured anywhere is such an honor!

As you all know by now, the SCQP has been the main focus of my work over the past year. But I love to take a little break and do something that is well, how should I say, less taxing on my brain, my skill and not so stressful with real deadlines!

So when my good friend and Bulkley Valley neighbor won the door prize at our recent 1st. Annual Re-Crafting Fair, I jumped at the opportunity to make a T-Shirt quilt.

Here's a few shots of the progress so far.

While these photos are not my best, you get the idea of the new techniques I'm using to finish a T-Shirt Quilt.
If you've not ever made a t-shirt quilt, there are no mysteries  here, its straight forward with cutting the logo's back and front simultaneously in 12.5 inch or 16 inch blocks. 

Notice the quilting in the channel? This is one of the four borders I chose to attach in the final stages. I used t-shirt material from the original t-shirts, corduroy and new fabric from my stash!

Here the 16 inch blocks have had a sashing attached on front and back sides of sandwiched/quilted blocks.

Standard t-shirts can be used, you need to pay attention to  plastic like coating of the logos to avoid contact with your iron!!

If you are interested in a tutorial on t-shirt quilting, leave me a comment and I'll add a new post under tutorials.


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