Crokinole Anyone?

Do you play Crokinole?

I do and I've been playing against my hubby for 28 years and recently had a moment to remember. I beat my hubby in a game to 100 points.

I have the evidence here!
He's the king of Crokinole no sad...

As you can see, my men are black colored and this is the last shot, I've got six men on board to his two legal ones, the white men on the far left is touching the line, so its a gonner!

We love to play this and my hubby says that I'm the best Crokinole player next to him and one other friend. So that is an honor because Rick, my hubby began playing Crokinole early in his childhood growing up in a Mennonite family, lots of family gatherings and lots of Crokinole.

Just sharing and grinning from ear to ear!!


  1. Good for you! My husband and son are also crokinole kings. My daughter and I make them play left handed to give us a chance. It's a great game and we've played it for years as a family.

  2. I've never heard of crokinole. It looks interesting. I'll look out for it in the shops. xx


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