Door Prize Delight!

Charlene is a sweetie, she is so enthused by all the crafting going on in the Bulkley Valley. She was our lucky winner of our door prize for our 1st. Annual Re-Crafting Fair on Feb 9th.  Her name was picked out of the hat and when I called her, she immediately said she was going to have me do a special t-shirt quilt for her son, Billy.

So I started. By sewing down sashing on the sides as seen below to start attaching the same size  blocks throughout this t-shirt quilt.

 The finished quilt hung in my woodshed.

If you haven't made a t-shirt quilt, there are several different ways you can make a t-shirt quilt. I had the instructions for this quilt "It can't be too girly, its for my son and he's a skier" so this quilt became my opportunity to get to know Billy a little more.

But I knew that some fun had to be instilled into these manly quilt despite the  need for a handsome quilt.

 So I made the borders something special. This one was to freehand cut out a long continuous shape that was backed with a slippery fabric taken from a piece of lingerie. Pin it down on the back side and sew on the good side one long continuous seam around it.

 The photo below shows off the detail of the machine stippling done inside the seam edge of the cut out area. Looks very interesting, I can hardly wait to see other versions that my readers may try out. If you use this idea, please link up with me and let me know so I can pop over to your blog and whoop it up.

Cruising down memory lane, reminds me of some work I did on another quilt like this. But unfortunately, that was before blogging reminded me to take photos of everything I made!!

Here is our winner, Charlene taking home her quilt! Congratulations from all the members of Bulkley Valley Crafters!

We gave away a free t-shirt quilt at our recent 1st Annual Re-Crafting Fair held in Telkwa on Feb 9th.


  1. Caroline, I would love to reply to your comments on my log but you come up as no reply. Could you email me so I can stay in touch with you?

  2. I bet Billy was thrilled with his t-shirt quilt! They seem to be very popular with teenagers.

  3. Thanks Ladies for your kind comments. I cannot seem to find the right place to make my blog NOT come up as a NO REPLY. Help me please!

    Yes, Billy is getting his quilt this Eater Weekend! :)


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