Three Hour Fast Block Magic! Tutorial

1.   Start with 5 fat quarters, one the focus fabric, 2 light colors and 2 dark colors.(Two Hour Table Runner Part One)
2.   Layer the FQ’s face up, 1st light fabric, 1st dark fabric, focus fabric, 2nd light fabric, 2nd dark fabric.(Step two photo)

3.   Make only 4 vertical cuts with rotary cutter across and through all layers of the FQ’s. Make these cuts off on any any that is workable for sewing together fast, try to vary the width of each cut, this is where it gets very individual. (Step 3 photo)
4.   Start with the far left stack of slices:
·      Take 1 top slice and move it to the bottom of the 1st stack.
·      Moving to the right always, take 2 top slices and move to the bottom of 2nd stack.
·      Take 3 top slices and move to the bottom of 3rd stack.
·      Take 4 top slices and move to the bottom of 4th stack.
·      5th stack, leave whole.(step 4 photo)
Tip: You’ll know you’ve done it correctly if you can see one fabric slice from each of the 5 FQ’s chosen, these will form the first block.

1.   Next, sew all the slices into blocks pieced together, working on only one whole block at a time. This prevents getting the blocks mixed up.(Step 5 photo)
2.   Always stack the pieced blocks in the same order as they came off your table.
3.   Press seams at the end of completing each block, not during after each seam, its unnecessary.

4.   Once all blocks are pieced and pressed, turn so that the seams are now horizontal to you.(Step 6 photo)
5.   Cut another 4 cuts with rotary cutter and ruler across the pieced blocks.
 6.   Repeat the shuffling as done before to the stacks of pieced strips.

7.   Sew all the strips together once more and finish with trimming to a 16 in. square. (Step 7 photo)
8.   If you can’t fit the 16th inch square, don’t worry about it, just make them squared up and matching in size to use for other projects.

Have fun, please email me a photo of something you've done with this technique.

As a last note, all our Dr. Suess organic cotton is going on sale here. I'll have all the sale pricing in place at the web site by the end of week.

Have Fun and stay safe as the winter is drawing closer here in northern Canada!


  1. That's brilliant - a crazy trip around the world!!! Thank you for your excellent tutorial- I will definately try this.

    1. Rhianon, did you ever try this crazy trip around the world from my tutotorial? I'd love it so much to see what you did with this?

  2. You are welcome! I'm having a real blast with this one, making things is so fast, I can hardly believe it. I would love to see something you make if you'd like to share it.


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