Snow Town Folk New Quilt Pattern

Everything has a start and this is a little story about how I came to be making a new quilt pattern. The pattern is called "Snow Town Folk" and it will be available until the new year by subscription to Quilters Connection Magazine.

I was busy hand quilting my sons graduation quilt back in 2007.  You know, I was really busy, the winter was long and hard and I made some notes, a few drawings and then put it aside. I was working at the time, so little time to create anything. I continued to hand quilt my sons graduation quilt.

 Then as 2010 began, I was was rethinking my future, where was I going to be in ten years kind of reflecting! You know what I mean? I'm sure that all of us do this once in a while.

 Anyway, I began playing with what fabrics I'd use and you know I love to blend wool with cotton, velvet with silk and so on. I located the reuse wool selections in my stash and it kind of grew from there. I plugged away, measuring, dreaming and writing. The cold winds blew and drifted up against the old barn.

Then it  began to take shape and as I finished all the hand embroidery I did on the snowman heads, I realised I had a real pattern to complete. In this quilt, I used whatever fabric I had in my stash and went ahead with writing and measuring to be sure. I like to blend fabrics of different generations, different designers and manufacturers. Its just a natural notion as is quilting for me.

Sorry to all my followers because this little quilt is not on the market until into Jan. 2012 Its been chosen to be one of the patterns featured in Quilters Connection Magazine Winter Issue!

As this pattern began to take shape I learned several things about myself. I was empowered by the focused attention to the fine details of writing this pattern. I learned that I have a style and it's somewhere in the 'whimsy' category.

 I was thrilled and encouraged by the response of everyone who saw this little quilt before I submitted it to Quilters Connection Magazine.

Basically, I'm shy. so showing people you know is hard, don't you think?

The first version with pine cones and blue backgrounds is going to be published. The pattern will be released after the QCM Winter Issue is over. But check out this test pattern quilt in a totally different modern version.

Let me know what you think? 

Happy Quilting everyone!


  1. I think this quilt is wonderful!!
    Congrats on getting it published!
    Hugs, Deborah

  2. Thanks Kirsten, cool to have you following me, we need to get together!

  3. Deborah, Thanks so much, I'm really pleased that it was picked up and published!

    Do you want to do a Modern Mug Rug Swap? I'm going to post it today or tomorrow? Particulars then.


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