More Ways to Make Fun, Fast Quilts

 A while back, I posted about this technique that I'd discovered right around the time I became aware of Kathryn Schmidt who wrote "Rule Breaking Quilts" I had taken to seeing what was possible. I'd been experimenting with cutting strips first, then slicing those up into various sizes and shapes.
This table runner is made so fast with a tutorial coming up soon to Quilters Gallery, where I show how it went for me, using Kathryn's technique.

 I have a new line of quilting patterns going to market soon, all will be POD ( Print On Demand) for those who enjoy escaping from the quilt police. I am only a prisoner of my own mind. I can step out of the box and so can you.
 I like the aspect of cutting strips, sewing then recutting. These kinds of fast techniques give me air to my wings. I love discovering new techniques, processes of construction for quilts and playing with these ideas can lead to all sorts of fun!

I use 100% organic cotton in all my products now and so glad that I've managed to make the choice for safer alternative to 100% cotton. Its time for me to choose organic cotton as I already use organic hemp/cotton and now the organic prints available are just outstanding. I'm coming up on being a Grandma and I'm so glad that all those crafters, fashion designers and growers have persevered with sticking with growing organic when most of the market was elsewhere, living and not yet learning of the benefits of using organic cotton.
I have another listing of hemp/cotton quilt on my etsy shop site that is fairies and recycled labels. You might like to check it out too!
I stock some of the Shades of Grey line from Daisy Janie.


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