Telkwa Weekend Stitcher's

You know, sometimes it just good to get together and play with fabric. Many of my friends agree. Some of my friends are pictured here with their quilts from a quilting weekend a few years ago, but  had not posted anything about it. What's with that, Carli?
The first photo is Joanne with her crazy pieced quilt. Great idea to take the 'crazy star' and make it really crazy in her original style.
 Nancy's quilt is part of the Round Robin exchange we did that year. We each started with a 12.5 in. block and sent along one prominent fabric and Nancy's quilt turned out really awesome. Her theme was Winter.
 I was the instigator of the RR and so talking about it here, with the Telkwa Mayor's wife in the photo, I'm talking about how RR's can be done, swap blocks, swap rows, swap all sorts of things. My quilt is in the theme of Country Cabin. I'll post a better photo of this one now its all finished in another blog.
 Joanne's lovely "Crazy Blue" for her husband I think turned out so lovely, Joanne was one of my first and more prolific crazy quilting student.
 Judy's wonderful, warm flannel quilt was thick and will be a toasty warm quilt for winter, I think she was tying this quilt on this weekend.
 Janet's quilt she has  hand quilted and I think this quilt was for someone special as a wedding gift. Really nice beachy kind of colors.
 Carol's quilt here is not really represented well in this photo, those blocks are all batik's and lovely, fast pattern as well I hear.
Then here are the Round Robin participants with our tops ready for quilting! I'm really tickled with seeing so many original quilts, not those from a pattern. Patterns are great, but its  so nice to see the ideas of each person come through in the overall design of round robin exchanges. It challenges you and then you grow too!


  1. What beautiful quilts! Everyone must be so proud of their work.

  2. Yes, and we're meeting up again this weekend for more quilting! Stay tuned and you'll see more.


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