Tuscan Summer Cushion

This is an example that is in a private collection here in the Bulkley Valley. This started out me rummaging through all sorts of bins of fabric from my stash. I found the pink first, but thought it was a little too bright for more of it than is seen. I used about 5x3 piece altogether of the pink satin. I found this pink satin in a box of garage sale stuff that I bought for $5 several years ago.  
Then I went to burgundy prints of various rayon chunks from clothing, as you can see in the bottom left and right, then some new earthy 100% cotton fabric as if it belonged as well, deep crush green velvet, mauve brocade top left and second shade of lilac top right and burgundy lace, plus the awesome plaid cotton shirt that went into the center of this design. 
Then I started playing with my embellishment stash to find the slim white lace bottom left, just a quick zig zag and made a ruched light salmon colored flower bottom left. I attached all the embellishments just before I started all the hand embroidery. I cut a small black 100% felted wool heart and placed it right into the center of the pink satin as it was still speaking too loud in the piece.
I do mostly combination stitches, I've learned how to make from Carol Samples book The Encyclopedia of Embroidery Stitches. I also have several other books that sometimes have a stitch that needs to take its place in history in one or another piece of my work.


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