Happy Birthday David Suziki

Today, its an awesome sunny spring day in the Bulkley Valley of BC. 

I'm having a great day and wanted to share with you. On CBC today they are talking about the environmental movement in BC and our relationship online, on TV and in person with David Suziki. I'm never met him, but I don't have meet him, to understand that what I'm doing, I know he'd support.
I grew up watching and teaching my children through his CBC TV series "The Nature of Things" and most recently his CBC radio program, "The Bottom Line" and its his 75th birthday today and I wish him well.

I have  been empowered, inspired and renewed by his vigilance and so I've become vigilant in regards to fibers, fabric, cloth and inspiring others to reuse as much as possible in this beautiful hobby of quilting. Here are a few examples of what I'm doing, teaching about and hoping that more quilters get on board.
These photos are just a few things that I've remembered to get photos of before giving them away as gifts or selling them at Farmer's Markets. You can too! If you hear of a workshop in your town about reusing retro fabric and the instructor's is named Carli Heinrichs, www.eco-crazyquilter.com then you've found one of my workshops. I'm updating all my workshops for the Eco-Crazy Quilter website.

In my workshops I teach exactly how to find, harvest, decide on how to properly prepare the fabrics for blending in found, donated, reused and new fabrics to make awesome quilts, bags, bracelets, hats and more, that could take you to a winning item, just like the photo of my "Silver Linings Crazy Quilt" above. Which I won "Most Innovative" at the IPM and Quilt Show & Competition in 2004. I was surprised and pleased and excited all at once. I won the great flexible hand quilting hoop that is being used in the photo of the log cabin quilt above. http://www.quilterswoodwork.com/product_info.php?cPath=2&products_id=38


  1. I like you enjoy the recycling aspect of quilting - and your quilts are beautiful too.

  2. Thanks Deborah,
    I love to teach the reuse techniques I've developed over the years. They come in handy with all my newest workshops, I'll be posting those on this site soon. Thanks for dropping by!


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