Appreciation for Followers Giveaway!

Cloud 9 Fabrics is one fabric manufacturer who seems to  have a great talent at picking awesome collections and they specialize in organic cotton. This one is a unique bundle that I bought a few years ago, so I'm sorry that its dated now, but what the heck, new fabric if new fabric, am I right? When I buy fabric I buy organic cotton, because I know the standard are set up to promote growers NOT using pesticides in the growing of the cotton and the milling, manufacturing has other standards to eliminate the less than desirable chemical use.

I've made several with these fat quarters and I love the way they feel to hand quilt afterwards. So soft and seem to be just the right density for smooth hand quilting.

 Here in this way I've made the Monkey Wrench block into a really earthy feeling small wall quilt!

What you have to do to enter this giveaway is make a comment on my Facebook page here. I'm listed as Caroline Heinrichs, Telkwa, B.C Canada, not Good Earth Quilting. I'm not a super serious business and I've got my family and friends contacts on my page, for you know its a nice introduction to my other life.

The second way you can do enter is to leave me comment answering this question. No shoot! I want to give this the most ardent of recycler, tell me what you think about this notion of re-purposing and reusing, I want to know if you're one of those people who have actually made something from recycled materials?

This way, any one of you who isn't on Facebook can enter your thoughts on environmentally responsible quilting, even you are not interested in being on Facebook, I understand :) 

As you know if you have check out my blog, I've written a bunch on reusing etc of the over 269 posts I've written on the subject. Then you know something about me. You know I've gotten quite vocal about it right?
I love quilting, stitching and beading and all of it, but we have absolutely tons all over the world that can and should be recycled, reused or re-purposed and I want to know how other people feel about it?

So you know I'm not a hypocrite or something? I buy  new fabric, but not this year because I'm participating with Fabriholics Anonymous We could start sharing our various ideas of how to recycle anything and everything we consume. I'm not a nutter, I'm just asking what you think?

This little  quilt is made re-purposed clothing from 100% cotton and the organic fabrics from Miscellany from Cloud 9 Fabrics.

 If you are new to this blog and you already have made some stuff from repurposed fabric and blogged about it. I'd like to know about anyone doing anything to reuse, OK, lets link up and stay in touch, OK?

I'm looking for quilters and crafters who wouldn't mind having their blog exposed on my very popular blog through profile questions that I'd email you.

carlithequilter @

Now recycling to me is not using up "new scraps, that are rotary cut strips of left-overs from project in new fabric" from  your friend OK?

Its actually material that is mined from clothing, if you are actually mining and harvesting reusable cloth from article of clothing, you'll know what I mean and want to follow me.

Its time we started this very important conversation, are you in? So if you believe you want to begin this conversation say so by leaving me comment on either my Facebook page and this blog post for twice the entries into this giveaway. Remember if you are a no-reply blogger, leave your email address or I can't reach you.

Take care and say your piece on reusing, please?



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