scrappy modern wedding quilt is taking shape!

I had shown you some of the blocks I've made using the 'Modern Improv' method where anything goes and as a good little quilter, I'm always reminded automatically to use balance in my color and print choices. And as  you know I'm on the diet of my stash projects and getting really great feedback from locals and even received some emails from followers.

I'm busier than the beavers on the Bulkley River river right now! I have more blocks here for you to check out that are also going into the quilt.

These are orphan blocks and anyone can make a quilt like this, its the easiest quilt I've ever made, no fussing with exactness, no fussy cutting, just the simple act of modern peicing where who cares if they are all not matching, but in the big picture, its an awesome quilt in the making.

Take care, its raining and warm today in Northern BC. Thanks so much for dropping on by my little blog! I'm linking up with Stitch  by Stitch.



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