Re-Use into gorgeous quilts goes wild

Well, you all know I love to read about or see something lovely made up from reused materials. Sheila Munro from Nova Scotia emailed a link to me and I'm so excited to see others taking the bull by the horns and reining in our lack of appreciation of quilts made from reused materials.

Now, I'm not dissing anyone, but sometimes all I read about its what is happening with new 100% cotton. So you know what I mean hopefully.

You may know of this "New to Me" blog called Quilt Inspiration and so these are some of the photos I have not gained permission to use, but I'm  not saying they are mine, they are ladies who also write for this blog I think.

Just a little taste of this great article, just check this jean inspiration here.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'm off the local pub to watch 'open Mike' tonight. Tootles!


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