Earth Day Love

Crazy quilting is not for the faint of heart, that is a certainty!

You must be willing to stretch your creative muscles and do things that FEEL right to you, not anyone else. 

I don't make my crazy quilt to please anyone or to attract anyone for a sale. They are mine, simply what I love in stitching. I love to play with stitches, like a cowboy with a lariat. 

 I'm building, growing and listening to my life. Its saying to me, let it go and be free. So these special, delightful bundles are going up for sale soon.

The hot new color for 2014 and I'm locating some delicious satin and velvet I have in these colors. Its a bold color that has been in clothing for decades, funny how that is, its now hot!

 I enjoy the give and take of reclaimed fabric with "life" in it. Its for a beginner to start with of an experienced crazy quilter to really get into the whole art of crazy quilting.

I do speak about the joy of doing something artistic and creative with your own hands using vintage cloth that was milled right on this continent a hundred years ago, back when we really supported the many thousands of workers who made bolts of new fabric and paid their bills in a good way by showing up for work at a North American mill! 

This little box is left to the open air of the Kitimat-Stikine Regional District landfill in New Hazelton. I see fabric!

This landfill could the so much more, but it takes money and population to help improve this spot.

In the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako, in Telkwa we have a really nice Re-Use Shed and the people that use it regularly are always packing stuff away when the articles are under cover. It just make so much sense and it save the landfill by the articles that are reused from filling it up sooner than required.

Judy's awesome 'Gee's Bend Style" is so proud and so she should be, she used up sheets and clothing to make this quilt, yahoo!

Ah, yes the good old days before we didn't realize what we were doing with the raw pollution that many times was dumped directly into our rivers and oceans. Now, most of the brand new fabric is printed off shore in some other country where we won't see the pollution. We are consumers and we often just buy what's right in front of us, is attainable and we've the high cost of living to be able to buy it. Am I right, do you hear the story in this post?

 New 100% cotton fabrics to me are not yet "old enough" or a mature enough in vintage, to go into a Carli's Style Crazy Quilt. My high school Home Economics teacher would have been proud of me. She was frugal!

Being frugal isn't a bad thing. Its actually a good thing for our Mother Earth. "How are you going to recycle it?" should be the question we ask of each and every purchase we make. If we have too much, are we are therefore preventing someone else from enjoying the creative spirit of quilting?

Do our grandmothers and great grand mothers approve our over indulgence in fabric etc. of quilting today? I'm glad that my Grandmother Sara Hudson isn't alive to see such waste. 

And such inequality between those who have money and those who don't? 

This simple, but so warm and toasty to snuggle under, this quilt is going to become a pattern. If you'd like one of these new patterns, let me know with a comment. Happy Earth Day!

I don't have a more recent photo of how this quilt. Sorry followers, but its coming soon.
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