A wedding quilt starts..

Earlier this month, I started making some random blocks for a wedding quilt that is due in three weeks, of course I leave it until the last minute! But here are the blocks that I'll use in this new modern wedding quilt.

And last but not least, my yellow sun crazy blocks is going into this improv quilt and I'll be doing it with free motion quilting on blocks as I create the quilt. Its my favorite way to construct a quilt and it gives me all the control to design, which is just what was requested.

And then I had to redo my Old Martha, her dress was over 25 years old and she was starting to look sad, now she is so  happy.Here she is before and after.

And the drum roll for New Martha in her new do! 

Now,she's really got to get back to work of holding all my pins!

I'm feeling fine, its springtime! Is it spring time where you are?



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