Saturday, August 1, 2020

Textile Learning Moments

I made this quilt back in 2002. Made from men's pant material harvested lovingly. And some plain men's work style shirts. I tied and it would still be around if someone hadn't taken in on  date and spilled coke all over it. It was thrown into a lake to 'clean'it and no one thought to ask about wool pant materials or the best way to wash it. Sour faces brought it home and with heavy hearts they handed it to me without too much crying.

Shit happens and I learned a fair thing. Don't make and then call quilts Camper Quilts then others think they are hardy and can be washed like another other cotton material.

I'm sure you've got some stories like that, if it hadn't been for my inexperienced upcycler habits that I included teh red/black tartan, it would still be in use. Instead the wool tartan shrunk and everthing around it came too. Rumples, canyons and wired twisting occured after the lake experience.

I was ahead of the MODERN quilting curve back in 2002 when I was inspired to teach a workshop for fellow Waldorf School parents and together we made this 100% cotton quilt from solid colors and it is still hung in the Nelson Waldorf Daycare Foyer. This was my learning of modern quilting. I got comfortable with solid colors.

I won Most Innovative in Ontario Quilt Festival held in conjunction with the International Plowing Match 2004. I learned so much from this quilt. Decisions were crucial, fabric choice was something of a surprise and its been one of my most popular posts on this blog.

I began making t-shirt quilts for clients in 2009. I learned GAYG method suited me just right.

All these ladies came to my Upcycling Class sponsored by the Regional District for Hazeltons about recycling clothing into useful items, many really liked making bags, unfortunately, I was the photographer too.

But look at these sweaters, jeans, coats and upholstery fabric went into those beautiful quilts.

I began the quilt I'm working on for my niece in 2009 according to the date on my computer. This quilt is coming along this weekend.

Each quilt win or lose is a learning moment. 

Take the time to learn.

Stay safe and stay well my friends!


Friday, July 31, 2020

New Projects and a new Magazine- Piecework

Good Morning Ladies and Gents, Them or They!

Its been hot as blazes in Duncan, B.C. this past couple of weeks, we went from spring time cloudy days of 22-25 degrees to 32 to 35 and not a cloud anywhere!

Enough on the weather. I wanted to catch you all up on more projects that I've been up to in my stitching life. I don't know about you, but this self isolation has not been tough. I like being on my own, stitching away, chatting on IS and sorting through projects way too long to talk about that are still not finished.

But County Claire blocks are busy evening blocks, getting these done so I can place them into quilt for my sister.Of course, she doesn't know this and we won't tell her, will we??

As you can see, I'm really out on a limb of getting creative using up what I have in my stash.
I do have an overall GOLD color that is the general directions for her new quilt.

And I highly recommend this new magazine cause its cool! Upcycling is becoming mainstream.

Due to the self isolation we are all doing right now, I rarely pick up a magazine outside my home. But I did notice this one at the Save On Foods check out. What a strange place for me to see it?

But look at the contents listing. I have enjoyed a cuppa and read some of this magazine, but what struck me was the cultural fusion of stitchery's from around the world. Little known artists who make culturally sensitive stitcheries.

I am onto several quilts for my family members, trying to check off one quilt to at least all my family. This one is the known so far as the purple quilt.
Its going to Meg.

And green fabric is coming along for a quilt for Chris.

Using up scraps and green fabric as wantingly as  seventeenth century bar maid with too much work on her hands is the joy of this quilt as you go quilt.

And this quilt will get an infusion of purple and blue today with another border I've been working on. This is amber and Gary's quilt. I've pulled and assembling color ways for three other quilts too. I'm on a thing!

So hoping my readers are staying well. I pray for and send healthy wishes to all my followers in the USA and wish only the best outcomes for your fight against the COVID 19 Pandemic.

We are so blessed to have Dr, Bonnie Henry at the helm here in B.C.

May the Force be with you!

Happy stitching and thank you for all the kind comments! I love to read them, respond and visit your blog too.

Take care, stay safe, 


Thursday, July 23, 2020

County Claire Discoveries

I just fell in love with these blocks some time back while the world was learning about COVID 19. I discovered the handpieced and applique quilts of Australian designers like Judy Newman. I've followed Margaret Sampson George for ages now, and really suggested google searching AU Quilters.

So as I began stitching the first block as a beginner to this block. My hand piecing experience had been a few projects I designed myself. I know the routine of tranferring the markings from the templates to each block, if you are familiar with hand piecing this block won't be too challenging.

These blocks are proving to be just awesome for my hand stitching in the evening.

My County Claire quilt will be made up of random chosen pieced Orange Peel blocks and the alternate is as seen below.

I decided that my overall look of these blocks would benefit from a calming affect of the alternates having very little scrappy bits and more of the orange for outer border and the blue/purple corner bit all being the same.

The instructions say to sew the final seam differently, but I found this version to faster and I sew this last seam with tiny back stitches.

Hoping your week is going well and your health is good and you are staying home as much as possible.



Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Wonky Rail Fence

Hi Everyone, I have been unsuccessful in posting any of my new work since early June when I posted last. Google Suite upgrade has changed many things and settings, etc have been disrupted. But now, after muddling through, I've found that now Blogger allows adding photos directly from Google Photos.

Well that is an improvement. But I missed the memo! 😀

This quilt is for my son and he's an Arborist so he wanted prints of a manly color and without too many girly fabric, so I had to dig deep.

I love this pattern Wonky Rail Fence from Sujata Shah's book Cultural Fusion Quilts.

I need 42 16 inch blocks to be ready for a flimsy. This quilt has a deadline, Dec 25th!!

So I've been using up the pre-cut, pre-sewn main strips and working on individual blocks in between all my other quilting projects.

You can kinda see how it will eventually look from the photo below. I recommend her book!

And on other notes, I've started the Purple Quilt, the 2 Blue Quilts and been happily hand stitching in the evening on County Clair blocks.

What are you up to in this self isolation, stay-cation, home is where the heart is?

Peace be with you!


Sunday, June 14, 2020

Hexie Quilt Top WIP

Some of my days of late have been drafting, measuring, pressing, sorting and the like. I stumbled on a very organized-Value-Village-COVID-19 in Nanaimo. I glove-masked up and went in. Lots of decent, reasonable priced for a retail market. Maybe I'm just forgetting prices but these prices in VV and other "thrift shops" are becoming unreasonable for many seniors and low income folks to afford. The pricing seemed higher than previous times. Leave me your comnents below.
I felt suddenly without much blue or green in my stash. But the good news is that it means I'm using it up at least my green and blue stash. And this is the first really sized load of fabrics I've purchased since 2016. Not bad!

And that the green and blue fabrics might just find its way into new family quilts that I'm working on. Plus, I'm starting another Canadian Flag quilt for my youngest son.He's been wanting one since I gave the first one I made and then gave to Nathan Cullen way back.
And I'm always sewing something.

Like my brand new garden apron that was forgotten in the rain and now its broken in. Bad Carli! Washed it without much change. Sad face!

And because many of you are not on Instagram, it appears that loads of current work is getting missed by you and I'm doing a bit of a catch up over the next few weeks.

This block above is a pattern from Aussie Judy Newman and its called County Clair. Its hand piecing, a little fussy, but well worth the effort. I'll do a whole post on that.

And of course, my upcycled fashions, new handmades and home decor projects are ongoing, please check back to see those too.

I am always making handmade fashions and is this most recent Wiksten Dress. Of course, I hacked it a bit with some modifications for me. I didn't have quite enough fabric if the hand dyed Indigo. 

And I'm busy adding to my jean jacket upcycle project. I see so many on IS or Pinterest, I thought "hey that's for me to try" and so that's coming up too.

It's a summer day, a little cloudy, hoping for some sunny warm weather any day now. 

And like you watching with concern and horror at the devastating racial inequalities that exist today. They are practiced and even implemented under the law. A shake of world proportions will bring out the worst of what has to be changed.

I have friends who are Aboriginal and they've told me of their encounters with the law. 
I listened, I heard and thought I understood, but I didn't really grasp the gravity of these encounters.

How terribly hard this must be for our Aboriginal citizens? Our new immigrants and people of color seem to share this discrimination at the hands of law enforcement?

And this is Canada?

I can't imagine how bad it must be in the USA the last few years of Trumpism has proven to be a very dark time in history. My warm wishes of support go out to people of color and Aboriginal families of USA.
More on this topic in the coming months.

Happy Sunday Everyone, stay safe, stay well!


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tool Bag

A tool bag for my Arborist son. Made from med weight cotton duck fabric bought when I found a close out sale at Capital Iron shop in Sidney back in January.

Things that are small but important like assorted sized wedges, clippers, etc are needed and its easy to lose them in deep grass or heavy ground cover.

I am for sure opening my Etsy shop this summer. Hoping you are well and sewing away.

Happy Quilting,