Memory Quilt Denim Clothing

This is my most recent make. A memory quilt for a female business owner who commissioned me to make 2 quilts, but then enough scraps were left and a third was commissioned as well.

Making memory quilts are a spiritual experience for me. It's a huge honour to take a real person's clothing and make them into a quilt that is a cuddly reminder.

A men's wool blazer, skiing clothing, sweats, t-shirts, dress shirts, ties and denim jean's arrived about 12 weeks ago.

I have to take time reflect on what I know about the deceased which was very little except how he died. But his life was filled to the brim with love.

I wanted to be respectful of his accomplishments and success. The first memory quilt measured app. throw size 54 in. by 59 in. flannel backing from upcycled sheet.

Three denim quilts in a row is quite a bit of work.  But now, I've been deep into my hexie quilt for the wedding this late summer. More of that next time.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! You're right, the best person to watch out for your health, and speak up when something's not right, is yourself. ER staff x-ray of my ankle certainly was not going to show the broken bone in the foot where I told them the pain was. My grey hair does not necessarily mean my brain no longer functions. Sheeeeesh !


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