Wonky Rail Fence

Hi Everyone, I have been unsuccessful in posting any of my new work since early June when I posted last. Google Suite upgrade has changed many things and settings, etc have been disrupted. But now, after muddling through, I've found that now Blogger allows adding photos directly from Google Photos.

Well that is an improvement. But I missed the memo! 😀

This quilt is for my son and he's an Arborist so he wanted prints of a manly color and without too many girly fabric, so I had to dig deep.

I love this pattern Wonky Rail Fence from Sujata Shah's book Cultural Fusion Quilts.

I need 42 16 inch blocks to be ready for a flimsy. This quilt has a deadline, Dec 25th!!

So I've been using up the pre-cut, pre-sewn main strips and working on individual blocks in between all my other quilting projects.

You can kinda see how it will eventually look from the photo below. I recommend her book!

And on other notes, I've started the Purple Quilt, the 2 Blue Quilts and been happily hand stitching in the evening on County Clair blocks.

What are you up to in this self isolation, stay-cation, home is where the heart is?

Peace be with you!



  1. I must say that I miss the memo on a lot of things so don't feel left out! I like the new quilt you're working on and agree that it does look quite masculine. Your son should be pleased.
    I have succumbed to the charm of hexies and have been spending my evenings playing with them. Landscapes have become all-consuming throughout the day, along with too many hours spent shaking the family tree branches on Ancestry.

    1. Hey Mary Anne, its technology changing every day and every week. I am so glad our family works together, I learn a lot of things from my sons. Thanks for your comment. I am writing this from my phone.

  2. Beautiful Rail Fence Carli, Sujata's book is a wonderful resource.

    1. Hi there, yes, it's old and dog eared now. I use it the most.Thanks for popping in. Take care.

  3. I LUV this wonky rail fence pattern! It's on my list!


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