County Claire Discoveries

I just fell in love with these blocks some time back while the world was learning about COVID 19. I discovered the handpieced and applique quilts of Australian designers like Judy Newman. I've followed Margaret Sampson George for ages now, and really suggested google searching AU Quilters.

So as I began stitching the first block as a beginner to this block. My hand piecing experience had been a few projects I designed myself. I know the routine of tranferring the markings from the templates to each block, if you are familiar with hand piecing this block won't be too challenging.

These blocks are proving to be just awesome for my hand stitching in the evening.

My County Claire quilt will be made up of random chosen pieced Orange Peel blocks and the alternate is as seen below.

I decided that my overall look of these blocks would benefit from a calming affect of the alternates having very little scrappy bits and more of the orange for outer border and the blue/purple corner bit all being the same.

The instructions say to sew the final seam differently, but I found this version to faster and I sew this last seam with tiny back stitches.

Hoping your week is going well and your health is good and you are staying home as much as possible.




  1. The block construction on these blocks is so interesting. Especially the final curved seam. You have quite a collection of colorful fabrics, lucky you. I have done a lot of hand piecing. I love it because it gives me something to do when I'm resting from the more complicated sewing or worrying about things I can't change.

    1. Thanks Robin, I've watching Dr. Foster on Netflix while piecing these CC blocks. Really enjoying the pile grow bigger.

  2. Hand stitching in any manner is much needed right now. Your blocks are looking great but I have to say they look intimidating to a non-sane-quilter like me!

  3. What a super project you have going on, as Robin says in her comment the construction of these blocks is very interesting.


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