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Hi folks,

I am feeling quite settled with staying home and washing hands and of course wearing a face mask out and about. Like many people I watch the news and read details of the various levels of loss our country is experiencing and those other countries facing a lot more sadness. The Unites States of America is not great. I doubt that their has it in him to be compassionate or demonstrate really good leadership quite frankly. With him it sounds as though its all about continuing capitalism.

But in the doom and gloom of adapting the deadly virus COVID 19 and bright light has shown itself as the winner of global warming, our pollution is down by recod amounts everywhere. 

Who knew that by just staying home we could have that huge impact on our beautful air around the globe?

We have known for quite sometime that we were on the wrong road, that WE really were the problem and we are seeing total evidence of this around the world. Just by not driving places around the world we've not only been able to bend the curve and prevent spread of the virus, but we've helped our beautiful Earth. How great is that?

Can you think of anything that was as POSITIVE as that in our previous years of signing numerous environmental agreement with other countries? No, we can't because we were never forced into spending this much time away for our cars, trucks, trains and buses. Large equipment is still working in many sectors, but the bottom line has shown itself to be the answer. 

But how does a global community make a paradiem shift of this magnitude? To rewrite our ways of doing things that doesn't mean expanding the use of vehicles?
How would we survive, maybe the answer lies in growing our own food more than we import food, just for one thing. There are different growing zones of a wide variety in Canada, but if Inuvik can grow veggies in a greenhouse, we can't other communities that are not so challenged with cold Arctic temperatures.

These are the questions I ask of our government in Canada and around the world. 

Trading back and forth costs us dearly. 

Do we want to lose of our planet, just so we can everything that marketing campaigns tell us we need?

This is what is rambling around in my head while I sew away the loneliness of not seeing family and friends.

I'v made so many masks, I'm tired of it, but I still have more to make for family and friends.

Sometimes, I still get homesick, I know, I moved 4 years ago but the Buckly Valley had quite an impact on my life. I will miss it forever. While I have access to lovely beaches, great climate, fabulous winters of very little cold, I miss the rugged, outdoor life we lived.

This site was a favorite camping site, and great fishing on Francoise Lake.

But you know, seeing that I'm reminicing about our past life up north, we are so blessed with being able to live and be close to family. Its no longer a 17 hr drive and then a ferry ride to be with our sons. And while we lived up north and loved the lifestyle, the cost of living was quite high due to SOOOO much highway travel to larger centers for shopping and seeing a specialist.
Plus, the gardening here on the island is without a doubt a gardeners paradise!

And with living down here, I can work online everyday with real high speed Internet.

I am wishing you all a wonderful week, I've been working hard in the back ground of this blog to bring some new found directions in place, but now, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This little quilt is almost finished and ready to be hung.

Happy Quilting folks, thanks for your continued reading.

Stay well and stay home!


  1. We should spend a lot more time being grateful for the good all of this is doing our beleaguered planet. Who knows, perhaps all of this was part of a divine plan to give our earth a much-needed breather. It would be nice if we managed to learn from it, but somehow I doubt it.


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