Rail Fence- Sujata's Style

These times are stressful for sure. I've begun restricting how much news I read and watch!
I am feeling like I need to just get on with some special people quilt projects. We are living in times that the prey sought by this COVID 19 is US!!!

So telling the most important people how you feel. LOVE can be expressed in so many ways. Crafting, sewing and quilting has always been the way I express myself.

So Rail Fence done using Sujuta Shah's method outlined in her fabulous book.

The cover quilt is my favorite!

So here goes, the happy, heartfelt Rail Fence big picks of lights and dark fabric for what will end up measuring 116 inches square.

And gor thise if you not following me on Instagram @carlithequilter will not know about the County Clair hand pieced blocks I've also begun in next post.

Happy Quilting!!


  1. I've always been one who expresses my love through my creations. When I was a teenager I started making my gifts for most occasions and that has continued through my life. Now my family and friends have grown to expect it and heaven help me if I actually break down and buy them something! I'm trying very hard to limit the amount of news I take in too - to the degree that I'm streaming music on the computer in my sewing room so I can drown out the tv that DH has on in the living room. Happy Easter!


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