Finishing Machine Embroidered Crazy Quilts Tutorial

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If you want to start right now making a crazy quilt block use my tutorial link below.

No planning or real decisions should go into making a crazy quilt block. This is of course my opinion and each one of us makes different choices along the way, I just plunk down prints or plain fabric scraps that appeal to me, onto any sized foundation fabric and I get busy.

Its important to have less bulk when machine embroiderying or using a regular sewing machine to do some fancy stitches along the seams.

Once your original crazy pieced block is finished to your liking, then I pull fabrics to place around the block to proceed with finishing.

At this point its just like you are finishing a regular quilt block or top.

I usually try to make the border big enough that the center block is nicely framed.

This alternate color print is too much for this block, it loses its loveliness in the busy print as seen below, so pay attention and audition as many prints as you wish to make a good fit. I always take a photo of it as well because the digital image shows a better fit than my eye.

The choice of your border fabric with any crazy quilt is very important. You can see how much more the CQ block stands out in the upper photo compared to the photo above.

Its got to be right or your block dissappears in the color or business of prints.

This machine crazy block looks ready to hang as seen below with binding.

Simple machine quilted lines around the block is sufficient.

And I want to acknowledge my gratitude to Benita of Victorianna Quilt Designs for host her wonderful give away.

I'm late to the party, but I support her in the business of quilting. And I thank her for the invitation to participate. 

Her giveaway is fabulous. I purchased her book Secrets of My Success in 2018 and I'm not sorry I did!

Maybe you'll learn something too from Benita!


  1. Crazy quilting is so much fun, because it almost seems to grow on its own as pieces are added.

    1. You got it, its speaks to you, each and every piece has things to teach me and whispers to me as I sleep. Crazy quilting is the most relaxing form of quilting I think. Lots of hand stitching in a comfy chair that is portable.


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