Crazy Stitches are Fun

Hi everyone,

Its good to be back to the sewing room after a busy summer. I am working on a long time project and determined to get it finished before the coldest part of our rainy winter in Duncan begins.

I am making little crazy stitched blocks for a future slow stitching project. I must admit I've been slightly distracted this last year with ailments etc, that thank goodness I had some crazy blocks to embellish and my ankle is finalling healing. 

I'm able to start doing more walking, tendon injuries really do take a long time to heal.

Embellishing your Quilts

Embellishment doesn't have to be going out and buying more stuff!

Really people, I find the best embellishments are the fun stuff that fall into your lap and you wrinkle you brow and go wtf, could it work? 

As you may know, I am not a wall flower type of personality. I will jump in and try out stuff that may not have been tried before and why not, just because I can.

Its my therapy that soothes my busy life tensions as I stitch into it.

I don't try to make my stitches perfect. I just don't have the time to fiddle around with perfection. So I just play around with what makes me happy. I watch Netflix while hand stitching, I want you to understand that hand stitching is not difficult and its just about beginning.

I just don't worry about things looking a certain way. Do you know what I mean? I make things that make me happy. I don't have any daughters to have consultation with and the lovely men in my life, just love me.

So really every project is of my own doing with my own dreams stitched right into it.

I use whatever makes me smile and gives a sense of frolicking across a meadow. 

Quirkiness is in my blood. I add patches where I want and let go of the judgement that I felt my work would be in the beginning. 

But since blogging since 2007, prolifically since about 2011, I've gone so far out of my comfort zone, its just about being carefree and fun-loving with the stitches doing the talking for themselves.

These photos are obviously NOT a beginner project. But I have new posts on getting started with hand stitched projects.

I love couching overtop of all sorts of yarns, ribbons, rickrack, you name it! Don't hold back and think what if so and so doesn't like it? 

Look at the way these blocks look more at home on the green background and they just get lost on this pink background.

If I am looking for a good background color and I'm not purchasing fabric like I'm not, I have audition quite a few and finally arrive at the best one so far.

I know that many of you may not even think about where the cotton comes from or where its manufactured, printed and shipped from?

But it seems to me, that a few years ago, I began a systemic attempt to not buy any new fabric until the own new stash is completely depleted. 

But then nieghbours and friends began dropping off all sorts of clothing in bags onto my doorstep! I was overjoyed with finding table cloths, doiles, lace, frilly fabric that I'd last seen only when I was a kid.

Then some of the bags contained half finished quilt tops, sometimes in pieces with extra fabric to complete the quilt top.

Whoops! I didn't have the space or the ability to deal with all the quilt tops and bits and pieces. So I came up with a new plan, its taken me years to get it all going and more on this later.

Did you notice that my URL is now my own domain name?

This speaks volumes and I'm so glad I hung in there and kept working on my projects and dreaming.

Thanks to all of your encouragement and support by reading my blog. 

I can't tell you how good it makes me feel and yes, I fall down and forget to check comments. Thanks for browsing through my whole blog and leaving me comments from post back in 2012!

Bye for now!


  1. I am on a much needed time out--I need to re-charge and find a focus for my next round of sewing..So, in doing some stash searching, I came across 6 (yes SIX ;}}} ) Crazy blocks I had begun--they will be my next evening sewing....
    I love your stitchery--it's so YOU!!
    I have finally finished making family quilts (12 double sided--yikes) in the past 2 years and have gotten a bit "sewed-out"-- not to mention side projects...--ya think?? So now will be :
    "Pour Moi";)))
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.. hugs, Julierose

    1. Hi Julie Rose, I'm sure if we were nieghbours we'd be over at each other's house daily. Thanks for your continued support in the lovely comments you make. I am eager to see your continued progress on those blocks!

  2. I love crazy quilting and stitching! Even when I'm embellishing on my machine, I often use a crazy quilt approach.

    1. Absolutely, machine stitching adds all sorts of different textures. Thank you for this lovely comment. I just popped over to your Fun, Factual, Weird and Breathtaking blog and wow, I've got to follow you with all this exciting stuff.


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