Heat Wave Window Quilt

I have a big front window in my home that faces south east. Its a big window that allow sunshine and heat of summer sunshine to over heat my home. Its got some blinds on it that don't appear to be working properly. 

In an effort to save the cost to our budget for air conditioning, I strongly voted for window quilts. Our window is a bay window and thus, its a little complicated because of this, but none the less, its got a window quilt now.

This is not the first time, a quilt found a home for the summer over top of a window. But this time, its staying up until it cools off. Its been a God Send new item in our living room. It has allowed us to live quite nicely without air conditioning or the cost. This quilt was a purchased second hand manufactured quilt that was king size and it was so densely machine quilted that it was way too warm for our climate. But for a sun block this quilt opened my eyes to what can be done to upcycle manufactured quilts. 

I had several sizes of Hexie Block to place around the personal design I made for the center to make it more pleasing to our livingroom.

I'm making another crazy quilt for a special man we know. Our carpenter!

I've had a fabulous year so far of making my own clothing. I counted it all out between upcycled fashions and fashions from my stash, its been a simply devine summer so far.

I've been practicing my embroidery art ad this is one sample below of what I'm working on.

I've been working on one of two finishing projects and this one Pink Birds went off to a friend of mine in the Kootenays.

I encouraged anyone who is interested in my stuff to follow me on Instagram @carlithequilter

Have you made a thrifty outdoor quilt yet?

These two quilts were made using a furniture cover blanket and backed with an old sheet, completely upcycled and are used to keep young ones warm at Muddy Boots Outdoor Childcare program in Vancouver, B.C.

Keep staying cool in the summer and quilting anytime!


  1. I bought a quilt and cut it in two, finished off the edges, made tabs for it, and hung it in my living room window. We loved it. It looked like stained glass when the sun was shining on it. Your crazy quilting looks like fun.

    1. For sure, quilts on windows are so nice and yes I love how the sun shines through the quilt, but captures and holds the heat. Thanks Robin.

  2. Love the idea of a quilt over the window to keep the heat out - we do the same thing, only not with quilts. We have curtains that are backed with anti-light 'stuff' and keep them drawn on the hot days. I have to piece the one in my sewing room because it (like all the others) are from the thrift store and it's too short for the window. So I take down the crazy quilted valance and pin it onto the bottom of the curtain. Works!

  3. Great idea!! Thanks for that and this comment. Fall is upon us as I'm sure it is in Eastern Canada.


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