Crazy Life Fashions for the Future

Last year I turned my attention to upcycling some favorite fashions into new upcycled garment. Little did I know that you would spark a return to my high school days of sewing my clothing again.

Its a little known fact that in my teens I made money not from baby sitting but rather embroidering classmates jeans with peace signs and flowers.

This is what happens to stitch crazy people, they adapt and go all sorts of new and wonderful places. Just like this, I saw some fashions on the runway in Paris on my cell phone Instagram account and went, 'wait a minute, this is not new to those of us who grew up in the 60's and 70's, we were already reusing clothing into new clothing, into cushions and rugs, but back then, people thought we were crazy high on pot as most adults of that time, thought everyone under the age of 30 smoked something and this explained those reusing ideas to spawn in your head, you know the ones you might get if you were so inclined. 

I laugh, its all coming around to helping the earth, eating healthier, upcycling everything and making a smaller footprint. This is what some of us have been doing for literally decades. We all didn't smoke pot and I certainly don't anything to get me going down a creative vien, just me and some fabrics and I'm set.

This retro is being worn right now as I write this and its so fun to wear and is very comfy and cool. Its a Megan Nielsen pattern called Eucalyptic Dress/Top. I've made at least three so far. I small chunk of vintage fabric is the unique print.

This dress is another blended upcycled fashion that is so cool, comfy to wear and gets a lot of attention. I blended one top to the other part of

This spring has flowed into me making my own clothing from my stash. Unfortunately, I have only a few photos of these fabulous fashions.  But if it means anything to you, I am wearing clothing that I made. But it will come. I will post photos as I get them ironed and ready for a photo, I'll have to employ my hubby to be camera person.

I urge anyone who has a stash of fabric that is enough to choke a large alligator to open your mind and start making some clothing from it. You can't take it with you when you die so lets get started!

This bright pink top is a pattern from Tina Givens "Dresdon Dress and Pants" It fits a little big on me, but I'm sure on a hot day, this will be awesome short and cool dress.

This is another top that is a pattern from Megan Nielsen for AU, this is "Eucalyptic Dress" and its become my all time favorite, fast to make and easy to wear.

This dress is a very old pattern, but this fits like a glove and is already gone out to dinner. Its the type of a pattern that is more fancy than everyday for me. 
Pattern is Simplicity 3697, its from the Khaliah Ali Collection. I will make more in winter fabrics as its a  cleavage feminine fit. Which my hubby loves!

Then lastly for all the completed fits is my favorite black linen that has a velvet squiggle design that is just lovely on it. 

This pattern is the heavily hacked pattern from Wiksten. Its a better fit for smaller busted people. This hack happened because I sized up my measurements and cut the whole thing out then it was way too tight. So out came the ideas of how to adjust this once it was already done. 

So what I did was to measure to below my bust and cut across the whole dress. Instantly, I was reassured because then you are into the realm of the upcycler and suddenly, it all became very easy to add a centerpiece to the front, gathered it and viola, its done.

Hence, I recommend making up a muslin before cutting into expensive fabric.

So ladies, quilters, gents do take the opportunity to play with your stash without fear that you'll run out! Lordy, no chance of that for several more decades. Its fun and refreshing to take a break from out obbsession with quilting to play in other areas.

As usual, you'll find me on Instagram @carlithequilter


  1. You're a brave woman! I can't bring myself to sew clothing (I don't count all those recycled denim jackets I made as clothing because they were crazy quilted). Had a bad experience in Home Ed class in high school and have flatly refused to sew clothing ever since. Not to say I don't admire what you do though!


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