Upcyled Linen Top - Hand Embroidery Embellishment

Hi everyone!

Spring has sprung in my part of the word and upcycling tops for summer fever has hit my sewing room.

This top was a lovely pleated top when I bought it at a garage sale. But alas, once I got home and tried it on, it was shorter and I suspected that was why it was being sold. So onto my list of unfinished things came this sweet top.

At the very next garage sale, I found an equaly lovely pillow case in the splatter pattern using lime green, black and white colors. This was a perfect fit for upcycling this linen top by adding in the bottom edge, a slight ruffle was sewn on to being showing just about 3-4 inches. But working with clothing that has already been washed and dried takes patience.

Once the ruffled addition was on, I went straight to covering up the machine seam with hand embroidery.

Black, White embroidery X stitches across the seam while leaving room for a repeat of a second color. I think it was very effective and I soo love to embellish clothing.

Then onto the front color and sleeve cuffs.

Press the garment and its ready to go.

Those of you who love to play with uncycling and actually intend to wear the garment yourself will appreciate the fast intermission of embellishment. Its KING in upcycling I think. Its the smart maker that uses it very effectively.

I have added pockets on the front, they were really necessary.

Happy Sunday, Happy Stitching.


  1. You did a great job here....I am trying to lengthen one short T-shirt with another ..any suggestions.?

    1. Thank you. Uhm, t-shirt fabric is so different from each. I would start by making sure each t-shirt is similar in weight and texture. Decide which part to use from one shirt to embellish the other or more if you have more. T-shirt material will stretch, but keeping any stretching to a minimum by copious pinning. Finish seam edges to prevent tearing after completion and do write a post about it. Love to see what you make, share it with me.

  2. what a great idea! Though I have always embellished skirts to make them longer, I never thought about working on difficult blouses! I stopped by to say thank you for your comment on my blog {Quilty Folk}. Apparently your comment wouldn't allow for an email reply and I couldn't find your email address anywhere I looked. Some quilts are worth putting up with so much tedium and frustration. I am so happy to have reached the quilt top stage with this latest one for sure!:)

    1. Such time as COVID 19, I suddenly have more time for reading the kind and interesting things my readers have said. Cheers, love your work!

  3. I really love that shade of green and so clever of you to make a too-short top work for you!

  4. How lucky to find a fabric that matched the green of your shirt so well - it was meant to be.

    1. Absolutely, this top has become a super sweet spring and fall top that is bright and cheery too.


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