The Great Crazy Quilt Along 2019

Do you love the look of crazy quilts but didn't feel qualified to make a crazy quilt?

I'm here to tell you that I feel crazy quilting can be the conduet to more inspiration into your journey of becoming a quilt maker. Whether you've made many quilts or you are just starting out. Crazy quilts free your mind and your maker instincts to go CRAZY!

Its simple and free-wheeling which becomes a simple block of crazy piecing or it can become an inspired landscape, a jeweled beauty of the kind that win awards. 

Most times, the only criteria is that each seam sewn is flipped to the good side and pressed. Grab another chunk and sew and flip. 

Covering each raw edge is one technique, the sky is the limit. 

Adding the hand or machine embroidery is done as you go or after each block is all done. Its your choice.

At this point, I'd really like to invite you to check out my Crazy Quilting Tutorial.
Make your own one block or a set of 4 blocks makes a nice sized starter quilt. But its totally up to you. I love to make crazy quilts pretty much all the time I have to make quilts.

And so I found myself on Easter weekend sitting in the sun with the continued endurance of keeping the Air Cast a whole month more. Its so boring. I have so many lovely things that I'd like to be doing in the beautiful spring sunshine, but I can't. Fourteen months later, my left ankle is in an real proper Air Cast with little air filled cushions on either side and two velcro straps to tighten it to your comfort level. So many mistakes made on this simple accident 14 months earlier and what do you do when your doctor doesn't see or feel the pain and swelling, suggests a cane and you end up becoming a victim of poor doctoring.

So this is my last crack at the can, to hopefully shrink the tendon somewhat in two months of immobility and wearing the Air Cast for all walking. Its been quite trying and you do start to feel old. But I feel unheard. I feel like "What the F*&^k?" is wrong with our doctors. This one is clearly unworthy in my case and I can't imagine how many other female patients have felt like this?

But I digress. I had sought the soothe my soul in the sunshine and began the #thegreatcrazyquiltalong2019

Its found at my @carlithequilter stream on Instagram. I'd love to have anyone who has a cell phone and would like to share our perspective and ideas of quilting in general, textile art, and so much more.

Its interesting, it takes just a few minutes to snap a photo  and write a brieg note, add my hastags and post it to my Instagram feed. Simple dimple.

Writing a blog post takes time and planning.

So if you decide to join me at my @carlithequilter feed on Instagram, you're likely to see more of my work in shorts bits of fun.

So come along, I know many of you are crazy quilters and its so fun, do join me.

There is so much going on! Its so much fun to have found a groove that I can work, rest and feel settled after our move two years ago to Duncan.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you have had such a time of it with your ankle - totally frustrating to say the least. I will hope, with you, that this air casting and immobility helps improve the situation. Crazy quilting is an aspect of quilting that I've never tried - maybe if I follow yours I'll be inspried to have a play...!

    1. Oh, please do play with crazy quilting. I love it and more ongoing all the time.

  2. Oh Caroline, I'm so sorry that you've fallen victim to a rotten doctor and now you're having to pay the price. Hopefully you are on the road to being mended now! Maybe it's a good thing that one of the beauties of crazy quilting is that it's portable and you can take it wherever you are resting. Take care of you!

    1. Hi Maryanne,
      Its slowly getting better, but still not 100%. I have been weaning my ankle off the air cast and did have injections for irritant therapy where the ankle is injected with dextrose to bring all the healing blood cells back to the ankle and repair what didn't get done earlier.

  3. This is definitely a well written post.

    1. Hi Jame,
      Thank you and more to come. I see that sewing machine sales are your thing. Thanks for popping in to visit.

  4. I’ll definitely follow you on IG. I’m glad I checked in with you today. I found a comment you left in 2012 on a blog I’ve more or less abandoned. I always need a hand project, but lately I have not been inspired. I’ve always loved crazy quilts, but the only one I ever pieced, I didn’t hand embellish it. Now you’ve got me thinking! Thank you. Hope you are making progress with your ankle. I, too, am a victim of poor doctoring, and although it’s well in my past now, I’m forever emotionally scarred.

    1. Oh, dear, bad doctoring is around everywhere.
      But do follow me and start something crazy and play with embellishment. Allie Aler is busy doing all sorts of embellishment from doilies to trims that you may not have thought about. Give it a go! Its fun and your inspiration is your!


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