Using Photographs in Quilts

I laboured over spoiled images going into the garbage can until I realized that sometimes, its just a great idea for a professional to do the printing instead.

  1. So begin by researching and speaking with your local professionals who do machine embroidery as well as photo printing on YOUR fabric. 
  2. This is really key, quilters to get a great long lasting image transferred to fabric. Ask them to show you some samples of images transferred. 
  3. Ask about the level of qualified staff they may have on hand, this is not something for the newest member of their team to do. 
  4. Speak about resolution that is best for them to transfer.

In this Denim Wedding quilt, I began with having the photographs selected to actually go onto the quilt. Decide how many images are necessary? Choose photo's that are crisp and clear, not any blurring or overexposure is recommended. 

And sometimes you can tweek the photos emailed to you for the project.

 Setting out your design for the layout of your photos, I began integrating in a free form way of peicing of denim, all with keeping in mind that I was going to hand stitch sashiko style to quilt it all.

If you are using 100% quilting cotton. Your end result will be easier to quilt by hand or machine. Unfortunately, I ran out of time in the last few days before flying to this wedding that I didn't get a photo of the finished quilt front. 

But the sashiko stitching is obvious and does provide interesting look at what you can do with hand stitching.


All the photos are easier to handle and to machine sew all connected seams with denim. I didn't quilt up against the photos though. But each photo provides this couple with a wonderful memory for sure.

To recap, photos are not scary to put into a quilt, they do need special attention though if you are selling the finished quilt so guarantee at least a decade of looking awesome in the finished quilt.

This is a wrap. 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend of stitching!


  1. Interesting post on photos on quilt Caroline. I once transferred photographs onto silk and made small wall size quilt. There was slight fading and it was duly stashed away in the wardrobe As these were executed by a professional the fading may not be an issue. The colours are nice and bright.

    1. Hi Maureen, silk sounds sweet to use. Thanks for your insight.

  2. I would never have thought of looking for a professional to print on fabric but it's a great tip.

    1. Hi Kaja, Thank you for responding. I've had great results using professionals for printing on fabric and No complaints.

  3. I print my own but have to admit I don't get quite the crisp clear results you have in this project. Maybe it's the quality of my photos to begin with. Don't think there's any professionals in this area so I guess I'll carry on doing my own.


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