January Start Update-Upcycling and Scraps!

On Boxing day of 2018, I was at London Drugs and low and behold, here was this lovely size 6 mannequin.

This little mannaquin helps me "see" the article as it changes as you upcycle the whole thing.

And a wee bit of progress has been made for the Maps Challenge over at AHIQ:improvisational Utility Quilts.

And before Christmas I needed a warmer housecoat and the upcycled housecoat as seen below is the ONE I love.

 And hand piecing has been going on whenever I get a minute to sit and stitch as seen below. For the full post on these interesting blocks, pop over to AHIQ.

While this photo is all blurry, my son took some photos of me wearing this dress and its become a favorite for sure. Another post is coming with those photos. Upcycling is soooo much fun!

Bye for now, 


  1. Seeing your housecoat picture made me smile - because I just finished cutting up two so I could use the fabric to make liners for my mittens. Proves there's always a use for everything!

    1. yes, for sure, you've given me an idea. Let's trade crazy quilt blocks or do a random mail out to each other with surprises:)

  2. Hi there. I just found your blog and love reading all of your adventures. You mentioned "housecoat" I remember that word from my grandma and it's one that I say often instead of robe. Anyway I hope to visit often!!


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