2019 Finish Along Projects

I have soooo many things to finish, I don't know if I can even come up with a list of it all. 

#FAL2019 really got me thinking. I have to get serious about finishing my work. I confess, I do tend to lean towards eclectic. I walk with my hand of creation diaily and the load gets heavier instead of lighter.

When I opened a drawer of two of unfinished projects, I closed it immediately! Phuef! That was close to a stressful moment. I am avoiding stress in any form these days. But after a while, the drawer memory crept back in and I opened it.

I need to do that for self protection.

Ok, so here is the one photo for now to let you really see my 'unfinishedness" problem.

I have been moving around far too much and have accumulated 19 finished tops in one drawer and 27 various bits, blocks and roundy things in the other drawer. Plus upon my tidying up today, I discovered at least that more in another area of my sewing room. So that is it for me. Time to knuckle down and get on with finishing at least one project each week, that means I'll be finishing for the next several decades!!

Join me on Instagram friends @carlithequilter to follow the minute by minute progress shots that I write from my phone. I spend far too much time on a computer already with my partime job. So please DO pop over and join me and thousands of other worldwide quilters, textile artists and so much more on IS.

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  1. Living in an apartment means I simply don't have space for many UFO's so I now tend to try to finish things as I go. That's not to say, however, that I don't have two or three projects on the go at any given time. That way I can pick what I'm in the mood to work on. Alas I won't see you on Instagram - one more place that I avoid because it's a time grabber.

    1. I hear you Mary Anne, I'm so integrated with several devices, I'd never get anything done online if I weren't. I'm still building...too bad you avoid IS.

  2. Hah--looks like my big drawerful, too!!;))) I have found that when i start a new project, if i don't like the sewing--(too many seam crossings usually!) I just lay it away in my "Drawer of shame" lol...there is no way I will ever finish everything in my lifetime...so I've just made an executive decision to only work on what I really like...hugs, Julierose

    1. Uhm....sounds intriguing. I really like one drawer than the other. Maybe I've already decided? thanks for this comment. It means a lot.


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