Snippets and upcycling make me happy!

Hi everyone!

Good news, my ankle recovery is finally feeling like we are getting somewhere. Its great to be back to normal walking and not having to think about what my ankle needs.

I have been binge watching of Anne with an E series on CBC. I joined CBC as a member and now, I have more advertising than I did have before. So any thoughts from Canadians on their experience with having this 4.99 a month payment is going? Do you have more advertising. I was initially interested because it was advertised as no advertising.

I hav finished the Forests Fire Quilt. But can't share until its actually recieved by our friends in Telegraph Creek.

First up over the past weekend. I upcycled my sweet little summer housecoat. I had shrunk and so I added extra length to the bottom and to the sleeves. I also decided to tie it all together, it needed a new front cuff. Really encourage you to give this upcycling a try out.

Next up is my new jumper. It started with a nice floral shirt but the sleeve length was off by about 4 inches, so off they went, I added the bottom skirt section by piecing denim, flannel and odd bits together and there you and it looks sweet on me :)

This summer top seems so long ago now, with all the upcycling I've been doing.

This is one of my favorites that I don't think I've posted about earler. The top was a new blouse pattern that once done, it hung weird on me, so I upcycled it by adding a cotton skirt to the bottom and suddenly it hung fine. This dress is perfect fo the hottest part of the summer!

And now, I'm off to go and work on my Maps Challenge.  Have you noticed at the top of my page, that I've added a whole page of 59 finished quilts?

Hoping you are fine and quilting away!


  1. So glad to hear that your ankle is getting back to normal. Hadn't heard about the CBC 4.99 deal - don't think I'll go there if it means more advertising. I get so tired of how often ads seem to get repeated - and some of them more than once in one ad break. Makes me mad enough not to consider buying their products just because of their invasive advertising.

  2. I didn't know you had an ankle problem due to the fact I have been so behind in reading blogs, pleased it's feeling a little more comfortable now. Congratulations on all your upcycling!

    1. Ya, this ankle is still painful and swells up when walking. going for CT scan in Feb. Its impacted my quilting for sure as it has in my life.


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