Happiness Quilt Finished

This quilt is finally a real comletely finished quilt on my bed! We started using it Nov 30th,2019 as the coolness of wet air, brisk winds and rain began to come on often and for days at a time. Sometimes, I wonder what a monsoon is like? 😊

I wanted the scrappy old fashioned feel that took me to a thoughtful place.
This quilt is my second personal king sized quilt to make.

These blocks could write a romance novel. They could giggle like a school girl from the compliments of men. They were the remnants of a bag of fabric I bought at a thrift store many years ago. Perhaps in the Kootenay Country in the 1990's.

Many of these were hand pieced while sitting waiting for my Skeema River fish bell to go off! Many blessed memories that now, my husband I look back on fondly. 

These blocks were not "planned" to be scrappy, they just were, simple as that.

Ideas, ideas and then moving twice was not fun. This poor quilt just kept on getting left in the bin.

This image is where things started to get back on track again in 2016. But then we had to have another move!

I was happily working through my full time job and trying to finish this special quilt when suddenly in 2018 forest fires across the province disrupted just about everything and our good friends in Telegraph Creek lost their home, farm and many established systems they had worked 35 years to establish in a fire.

So it was a meaningful interruption in the Happiness Quilt.

Our Happiness Quilt was compleye to begin hand quilting in Mid November 2019. I had almost finished the outside border when a cold snap happened in Duncan in January 2020. I went onto our bed so fast!

But another month if use went by until I got the binding on this quilt.

When I finished the binding and began hand sweing the binding down, COVID 19 had arrived in Canada. And I completely forgot about blig writing, photo taking and numerous things that are still important.

Did you feel out of sorts when the stress if what we are now living with for several more years before a vaccine will be available for the general population?

And this is the best I can get for you to see this beautiful quilt. I have wait a while longer to have a gathering here so I can get help with holding it up outside.
I apoligize for the dark photo.
But its done.


  1. Congratulations on your finished quilt, it looks right at home on the bed there.

  2. A quilt that was a long time in the making but has created memories throughout that process. To my mind that's part of what can make a quilt special. I love the scrappy aspect too - what I think quilts should be. I can admire the matchy-poo quilts that are mostly made these days but they don't entice me to actually want to USE them like a scrappy quilt does.


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