Stitching Crazy

I am super charged like a wee bunnie! And I wanted to reassure my readers that I'm NOT going anywhere. You can be content that I will still be posting the projects I'm working on and give you all a progress report for my new adventures!

I am back to working on the new details of Blooming Crazy which I started last year. And its given me a new perspective on what is actually crazy quilting.

Stitching happy little trails and new pathways is about me finding the bliss I've wished for quite some time. New pathways and happy little trails are just where my steps will take me. I have begun to find my bliss and I'm determined to get back to fun!

Fun stitching, fun sewing and fun life.

This a long time crazy that is getting finished and will soon have a complete version for you.

Do you find yourself singing while you stitch? I have a new friend who is helping me with gratitude. While she is working on my feet and I'm relaxing, I listen to her soft voice singing songs of relaxation. Its really something this reflexology.

Here is shout out for anyone living in Duncan or area and you want to have a look at reflexology, Stephanie is a special person, very qualified and super calming. 

an image of the arm of a woman who has been doing pushups and you can see her flexing her right bicep

Stephanie is reaching her goals of increasing her muscle mass. 

I have been so stressed out for so long with real estate, its been massage, reflexology and more exercise to get my head in line with my body. You all know that once you're over 50 years young, you are not going to shed bad vibes and stress right away. That darn stress gets into your viens, your muscles and it needs to be trained out of my body anyway. 

Meeting Stephanie has given me a new way of looking at things, people, judgements etc. If you want to follow her blog and get the affirmations of love for the planet and all thats offered freely to us from the Great Mother Earth, follow Stephanie's blog.

What do you do to de-stress?

Personally I love to stitch, I find that very relaxing while invigorating my brain at the same time. Maybe I don't know what de-stressing is?

Maybe I'm going around in circles. I need to reach out and start meeting more local quilters.

And have a table runner of circles getting finished her this week, maybe even tonight.

And my first altered clothing piece is coming to a close as well, so keep your eye peeled for me modeling,,,,,yikes that is a crazy thought!

I've added ties to this mix as well. They will form a better foundation for button holes and buttons.

I have added another gathered section because it was way too short! This is fun for sure and I encourage you to give it a whirl!

Happy stitching! Till next time.


  1. You have so much going on! The small repetitive movements of hand stitching cause our brains to release serotonin, so is good for our stress levels and sense of well-being. It's not just our imaginations!

    1. hi Kaja! Thank you for this information on serotonin releasing in small movements of stitching.What are you working on?

  2. Yes - stitching is one of the best stress reducers (at least in my case anyway). I've never been lucky enough to get a massage but I imagine it would be really beneficial as well.

    1. Yeah.Mary Anne I feel like we've known each other for years.


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