Mexacali Heat Progressing onto Borders!

When I first  moved to Telkwa many 14 years ago now, I met up with some wonderful ladies who quilt and I participated with one Round Robin quilt exchange with them. We all met one evening and as we distributed our brown paper bags going around the room and I handed off my quilt to the person on my right and we began.

Each participant's name was entered into a ledger of the event to keep track of who would be the next participant for your starting block.

As I have posted before, I made this quilt top with 5 or 6 other quilters in a Round Robin.

Its a tough project to find and design a finishing border for it because its so "WOW -ish" you know?

It has languished like many others in a bin waiting for me to get on with it! But I didn't due to life getting in the way of quilting.

Well I've made some progress on this quilt, in the form of a graph paper design for a border. More on that later.

I made this block when I received all the various blocks back to me. This Round Robin, did start out by this block. I called my RR Bag "Mexacali Heat" and I included a little handmade booklet for participants to fill in and tell me how they arrived at their participating block.

 I made this block above and as you notice the absence of the roses/black background fabric. But I did include some upcycled lace into the shape of a dancer. 
This is part of the challenge with doing a Round Robin. Participating is really good for us as quilters because we all have some bias and ways of doing things and participating with a new theme of someone eles choice forces us to rethink ourselves, let go and have fun!

This block used alot of the fabric, but what a fabulous outcome, hand cut, fussy careful work lead to an awesome block.

I think this block is the Mexican Rose maybe?

As these blocks were on my design wall I was busy envisioning what the border would be like?

What would make this already beautiful quilt pop even more. I decided on sashing based on the design including stars in the border. 

I will post more as this one progresses. In the meantime, I have button holes to sew into the front closure of my purple plaid shirt alterations and finishing up the hand quilting on one of the two wedding table runners.

See ya later!

Have fun quilting. Thanks for reading my blog...HUGS!


  1. Love the colours and all the different block patterns - it definitely suits your theme and filled with saturated colours.

    1. Hey good to hear from you. i am working on this quilt today. thanks for getting the conversation going.

  2. I like that you asked for a record from all the participants, so that you know the stories of the blocks.

    1. Hi Kaja, yes I agree. This little booklet has not shown up yet. But it will. I made good progress over the weekend.

  3. Thanks for your comment Really glad to have you along for my crazy ride.

  4. Great blocks! I hope the notebook turns up, it will make very interesting reading!
    Thanks for following my blog, I am following you too!
    Barbara xx


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