Mexacali Heat New Borders

Hi everyone!

I woke up this morning in the Cowichian Valley to a chilly -5 C. I know to my northern friends this is "no big deal" of any real kind of chilly. But to me who craves less cold, its a chill! I was up this Monday morning to the visit my new quilting friends, women of a wide age category, wide experience in all forms of quilting and many that are Canadian Snow Birds.

But none the less, they are now my support for conversations, questions, idea exchange and sharing of our mutual love of quilting! But alas, time is getting away from me again.

Up first is my finished on my dining table from last week. My African Violet Craz Quilt table runner. My husband now affectionately calls it the Black Hole table runner.

Over the weekend, I did get some time to actually get started on the finishing of this Mexacali Heat Quilt.

I have begun making the Nine Patch Blocks for the broders.

As you can see, its coming along. I found that as I cut, sewed and pressed I was happy to be in the moment. I seem to have found something that is organizing my approach to just getting finished all the tops.

I like to rythum of doing. I also did some awesome hand stitching in the technique of Alabama Changin Fashions which I just love and support this business. My post on this t-shirt upcycling project that came together super fast on Friday Afternoon and it was all done by Saturday night.

Best for the week, leave me a comment, I love to read your ideas and thoughts on my work.


  1. Very intrigued by the Mexicali Heat colours overall - not ones I would normally use (preferring blues, purples and cooler tones) but it's making a very exciting quilt anyway.

    1. Thanks for this lovely comment. I am working on this one tonight. Its so nice to BE finishing these projects.

  2. You are making good progress on your aim to finish your outstanding WIPs!
    Well done!
    Barbara xx


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