African Violet Crazy Quilt Finish!

I am having such fun with setting my own personal goals to get on with finishing the numerous tops I have. I have decided that if I take a top out of the "Finishing Drawer" then I must not start anything new until its finished and gone from my sewing womb. 

I love to call my sewing room, a sewing womb. It reminds me of a good friend who lives miles away. We write real letters between each other.

I started this modest foray into modern quilting by taking my obsession in crazy quilting to more solid colors as that's what I thought the early modern quilting I saw meant by the early days of modern quilting.

That was I confess, in 2005. 

 Then I did my usual quilt as you go in crazy stitching so all that was required on this modern quilting experiment was machine embroidery stitches from my good old trusty Janome.

Then it went into the drawer and another 12 years went by and for one reason or another it sat, I passed it over many times, as I was simply not committed to it. I just wasn't inspired. It sort of looked at me not speaking to me or saying what this peice wanted.

Then in keeping with my new rule, if I take it out of the "Finishing Drawer" it gets priority to become completely finished. And par for the course, in less than 3 hours it was completely done!

I reached for the vibrant stash of Kaffe's fabrics, which are some of my favorites but why do I have all this lovely fabric, if I don't use it?

You know I'm right and for some reason today I need to be right.

African Violet Crazy Quilt is now finished!

I was feeling a wee bit defeated on several fronts. 

Let me share; I have a nodule that flared up in my left arch for 14 days and then I was scheduled to have a minor toe surgeryon the 15th., I'm allergic to latex, bandaid glue and various other medical glues, plus I'm also allergic to Polysporin. My luck, both went on my toe after surgery, I missed this bit while looking away and not feeling anything due to the freezing in my toe. 

It became severly inflamed, sore beyond even the strong constitution I have. Soon it was clear that something very serious was wrong beyond my allergies. 
I went to a walk in clinic on Friday afternoon. 

If its like your town or city, I had to wait for several hours to see a doctor.

Finally, my name was called and I hobbled into the examination room only for the doctor to take one look at my toe and pronounced that antibiotics were in my future. He asked how long has this toe been inflamed, about 12 days I confessed. He rose his eyebrows and waved a nagging finger at me that if I'd waited longer, I'd be hospital.

I am relieved to report that finally, my toe has stopped thumping and that I do believe a noticable change in my toe is happening.

So its the right time to hand quilt this blue zig zag table runner, you should see this completed in the next post. 

Plus, I have the circles table runner ready for sandwiching too!

 I have been able to do more writing while keeping my foot up, and playing, reading and researching on my laptop, discovering new ways of doing things, so more on that later. I've had time to watch more Olympic sports and watch our Canadians do well. 

I really love to watch Slope Style Snow Boarding, Figure Skating and Curling!

Maybe it was just time to slow down.

I wish you all a beautiful day of stitching!


  1. Of course you know I love the crazy quilt. So sorry about your toe though - and I have to tell you that I'm right there with you in the allergy to Polysporin. That stuff is vile in oh so many ways.

    1. Hi Maryanne,
      OH you too? I am sorry to hear that. Thanks for this lovely comment. My toe is feeling better and the sprain too.

  2. Oh! Such a beautiful finish! I love that you are hand quilting - but sorry for your pain! Hope you're feeling better soon! :)

    1. Thank you Miaismine for this lovely comment. I adore hand quilting and have a large bed quilt just about ready for hand quilting.

  3. I think 2018 will someday be known as the Year of Finishes in the quilt world. Everywhere I read, and here at my own studio, it's the same mantra. It's time, and we are a determined bunch. Your African Violet quilt is striking! The black center and crazy quilting are really set off by the big florals on both ends. Style wise, I would not know it was 12 years old. I like it!

    Your toe: We who have these kind of allergies have to be vigilant. I have many to drugs I knew about, but one to sutures and the pins in my toe happened later. None are a walk in the park. I feel your pain, and hope you take care of yourself through this. I'm sure the slow stitching projects will be helpful in keeping your spirits up. Your circles tablerunner is wonderful! The best of luck in healing.

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for popping to visit! Really glad you did and yes, we all have allergies to contend with and live with. I am happy to report a weekend of antibiotics for my toe has been a tremendous event. My toe is not thumping anymore and my sprain is on the mend too. Stay tuned I have a 500th post giveaway coming up soon.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, Caroline, and for your comment.
    It’s my first visit here too, nice to meet you!
    Aha! Finishing up! Yes, I have a lot of finishing to do too!
    Your African Violet quilt is lovely, and it’s nice that you got those Kaffe Fasset fabrics out and used them too!
    Now your quilt needs to be put somewhere you can admire it regularly!
    Sorry to hear about your toe, and glad to read it’s on the mend.
    See you soon!
    Barbara xx

    1. Hi Barbara, super fun that you popped in to visit. antibiotics are working well. thanks for leaving a comment. I started following your blog.

  5. I just met you...but I can see already..that it is Dr. You...OMG...Glad you are better...know you are on

    1. You just met me? At the Cowichian Quilters or are you talking online at our mutual blogs.I was just over at your O'Quilts blog, wow you are busy girl! Thank you for this lovely comment and yes, everyday my toe gets better.


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