4th Finish 2017- Vintage Embroidery

I have always wanted to hand embroider this saying for years. 

Then one day about 5 years ago I was thrifting around town, going to garage sales and there this was all crumpled in a box of numerous sewing tid bits. I'm sure it would have likely found its ways into the local transfer station garbage if I hadn't found it.

I began with deciding to add borders of a random nature. I love to use up bits and pieces that have found a dead-end in their creation. I love the Cloud 9 organic fabric in the aqua puffs of treetops. I machine quilted it in 2015, but then it went into another bin as moving back up north, it came along with me, but didn't anything done again.

Machine quilting on it was a breeze and I'm really glad to get this one done, so it can be hung in my new home. I'm having a blast setting up my kitchen. Its really fun to have boxes opened and slowly I see the pieces of precious items that I've collected and kept over three decades of married life.

The binding was a "lucky bit" of finding the binding already pressed and ready to go. 

This saying is now on my sewing womb wall. That's just a high give to Nola!

And low and behold, I found my Pink Lady Crazy Cushion.

One of my favorites, its feeling more like home everyday. 

Happy Quilting everyone!

I'm linking up with Cathy's Quilts and Molly Sparkles.

Just because I picked up this sweet panel for Canada 150. Molly Sparkles is celebrating new additions to our stash. Come on and join us?

What did you recently buy for your sewing womb stash?

Do check out all the other talented creations here.


  1. One of my favourite sayings! Lovely finish!

    1. Thanks Cathy. Its on my sewing room wall now. Merry Christmas to you!

  2. I love the Serenity Prayer...have been praying it a lot lately....Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you Miaismine! So glad you enjoyed my sharing. Thank you for popping into my blog.

  3. I'm a lover of the serenity prayer too - and so nice that you were able to rescue this one and give it a new life.

    1. Hi Maryann, thank you and so glad I now know its name. Cheers from the wet coast.

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