Blooming Crazy Quilt

If you have followed my blog Good Earth Quilting for very long, you'll know I am a crazy quilter who loves hand stitching, Improv Piecing and crazy quilt embellishment, embroidery and crazy peicing!

I embrace all forms of quilting, sewing, knitting and crocheting and I do most of my own machine quilting too.

I love the "nest building act" of making my own "handmade" things to decorate my home.  

I like the look of "running stitch roads" of a gentle running stitches meandering along the high roads and valley's of my quilts. 

When I began "Blooming Crazy Quilt", I started it on a lark and soon this beauty began speaking to me in tropical colors. I began to really think hard about what I'm trying to say?? 

I think that the colors and prints choose the quilter. Yes, have you wondered how we choose what we have in our stash? Do you enjoy touching and feeling row upon row of bolts of fabric?

Its kind of like how handmade Persian rugs are made in each region and each quilt is designed by those weaver's and rug makers from that region.

I wanted to blend Improvisational Piecing and Modern Crazy Quilting. 

I bet you have maybe wondered about that too? 

On Crazy Quilting Community, you can join this group too!

I think this has been the funnest quilt to ever make and for anyone to make its super easy, carefree piecing and you can see the variety of options I've built into this design.

I am listening to the quilt with ears ready to evolve.

And do you hear your quilts speaking to you? Do you listen to them?

If so, please leave me a comment telling what your quilts say to you?

Its totally fun to get to actually working on various projects again, making some ground on finishing up the numerous projects. I will post the finish of this little quilt soon.....

Thanks for dropping by and have fun doing whatever it is that you love to do.


  1. I can't say that quilts speak to me, but dolls certainly do. I have yet to make a doll that hasn't veered off into something completely different than what I envisioned when I started out. Of course, having said that, crazy quilting is an evolutionary process, so perhaps they really ARE speaking to me!!!

  2. Oh that is rich! I had a good laugh. I know you really are a crazy quilter if your quilts are speaking to you! Thanks for your lovely comment!

  3. I like your colours in this piece. My quilts talk to me all the time and mostly they are telling that what I thought I was going to do is not what they had in mind and that I've got to pay attention and make the changes.


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