Happiness Quilt Top Progress

This happy little quilt is finally reaching a point where I can call it a quilt top, almost!

For those of you just popping in to my blog, I've been working on the Scrappy Dresden Blocks for several years cleaning up scraps from my numerous boxes of scraps! Yes, its true, if you are frugal quilter, you acquire scraps from other projects and thousands of us are using the scraps in new projects or by donating the scraps to a local thrift shop.

I am still working on 365 Circles Quilt top.

Making bright and cheerful Scrappy Dresden Plate Blocks are not a new obsession to me, I've made a few quilts before. The quilt below is my "Canadian Birds Quilt" for my husband back in 2011 I think.

Yeah, I was stumped for awhile over the early summer months of 2017 with what to do on the corners! I really like the striped scrappy approach used in Quilty Folks blog mentioned below. But was wondering about a crazy quilt corners and still thinking about that.....

I had several ideas including doing a corner of applique, but so far haven't acted on that. I am thinking about using a corner where only three of the petal templates are shown in each corner. What do you think? Do give me some feedback, please?

Then I was inspired by the striped corner part of Quilty Folk's beautiful "Folksy Flower Fun" quilt top. Stripes across the diagonal in each appeals to me. I will have to see as I progress to those corners.

And I'm packing up my sewing room while preparing hand stitching to take along as a portable project that I can work on in the evening or any time I want to just chill down and take a break.

I am very aware that this packing and unpacking/packing up again and repeating 7 more times in the last 4 years and is frankly exhausting! 

Now, I'm stumped and will have keep an eye out for the yellow corner blocks in the sashing between the blocks. Ugh! Moving is for the birds.

But you know, if you do Instagram, please follow me @carlithequilter I seem to post a simple photo there more each day.

Here is a little beach to linger upon. Until next-time....

Happy Quilting Everyone!


  1. You're moving again? I certainly don't envy you one little bit. I still haven't recovered from moving into this apartment seven years ago, much less doing it as often as you!

    1. Mary Anne, its been tough. Very hard for folks who have owned all their life to pay rent! But now,I'm getting organized and able to function in some sewing capacity again. I found my iron!

  2. Moving can be a pain, but when we moved from our house we lived in for almost 40 years I found a fabric stash in the attic. I'm now trying to organize my craft room and my fabric as well. I'm looking forward to following your blog

    1. Hi Anonymous, yes, I too have boxes with surprises and fabric that I haven't seen for years. I am blessed with a husband with a strong back! Thanks for popping in my little corner of the Internet.


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