Blooming Crazy Quilt

Hello to all my quilty friends!

Super excited that I'm finally able to get into some new fabric and some new quilts. More on that later. But just received some fun project supplies from

A few years ago I was inspired and fell in love with Jen Kingswell designs! My work on her pattern "Midnight in the Oasis" gave me pause for a whole bunch of reasons.

I have done so many quilts that pausing has been good for me and my aspirations.

I lingered on modern versions of crazy quilting using machine stitches and machine embroidery.

But I love hand stitching, so.....

I journeyed deep into the cool pool of water. We all come forth via water. I paddled upstream and downstream and got caught in a tidal pool or two.

I find now that I am fearless! I know I can't help it, I go around sharing my inner thoughts as if we were having a tea on the deck. I hope you are not bored?

Since moving, I have been overwhelmed with finding a new home in Victoria. But if you live in B.C. you'll know that we are for an election soon and we are having a real estate crisis!

Distractions are every where!

My carefree attitude has come from walking the road of developing my own voice like these two great ladies of stitching, Jen Kingswell and Marge Sampson George.

My own personal quilt known as the "Happiness Quilt" is coming along and soon to be machine quilted!

And then spring has sprung finally in Victoria! I say finally, as I was convinced that we had brought the winter with us from Northern B.C. when we moved down here in December.

Thank you to Delores for giving me some awesome advise and I've got some fun hand stitched new baskets coming along for these two quilts.

No fear, we are coming along into a full blown spring.

And so is my new quilt "Blooming Crazy Quilt"

What do you think?


  1. Never bored when I visit you! As for what I think of the final piece you show - wow. I love the way the straight lines of the inner pattern and the more organic outside blends together. Will you be doing applique or raw edge?

    1. I have done hand applique so far and almost ready to post the finished pattern!

  2. The Blooming Crazy quilt is so cheerful and full of life. And the soft rounded border is an ideal contrast. Enjoy your new life in Victoria. We lived in the Seattle area and north for years and loved Vancouver Island. The gardens are gorgeous there. I miss it now in Wisconsin.

    1. Thanks Paula for this lovely comment. I am loving the access to all things "city" because where I moved from is very rural with long drives to get to anything. But new doors have opened and I'm really enjoying Victoria.

  3. Fearless is good, in life and in quilting! Thanks for linking up with AHIQ; it was great to catch up with everything you have been doing and to understand a bit of your journey.

    1. Hi Kaja, I'm going to be getting started very soon with patterns on Craftsy. My journey is a long and slow one. I have taken time off, moved several times over the past few years and feel revived to be back to regular posting again. Love your log cabin improv blocks!

  4. What talent to crazy quilt by machine as well as hand. Do you read Lisa Boni's blog, Ivory Blush Roses? You two seem to have similar styles. I like the way your blossom starts like a rose but ends like a full blown lily. Will you applique the outer edge of the bloom or leave it free? What fun.
    I'm glad you're finally into spring. We are almost through ours. Everything is in full flower; lots of pollen but also finally lots of water.
    Thanks for linking with AHIQ.

    1. Thank you for your support and such kind encouragement!
      My story is quite different from many of the crazy quilters out there. I started from seeing a photo in an ancient old magazine back in 1994. It caught my eye because I was actually home schooling at the time and was looking for something easy and "no rules" applied for my two young sons in our home grown art class.

  5. I agree with Kaja - it is good to know where we come from and how we get where we are.

    1. Thank you, I love your work too! Thanks for popping in to see my little corner of the Internet. I do know where I've come from and where I am going. Life's little fork in the road just builds more character!


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