Baskets for Sisters

Hello quilters! 

We are finally into a real springtime here in Victoria!

Therefore, I was feeling springy on this past weekend and began working on these basket blocks again.

I intend to have these Baskets for Sisters done by Mother's Day. I have so much more energy since loosing 20 lbs using the Military Diet and Power Water Walking at the pool.

What do you think? What would you do with these, keep them as a sparce more modern style of quilt or use sashing between the blocks, maybe embellishment? 

Tell me what you would do?

And last weekend, while at a retreat, I did  some free-play to recreate my influence of Freddy Moran.

I have started a new crazy quilt that I can share here because its not part of my ongoing book Artisan Crazy Quilts. I really am drawn to sunset colors!

The bee print fabric is one yard I bought from Fabric Spark from Toronto. This new print from Jane Sassaman, Leaf Dance-Busy Bee-Golden is lovely.

Thank you to all of you followers who keep showing me my work has value to those who have never met me or learned of my unique style of crazy quilting.


  1. I can't give you much advice on what to do with your blocks (I'm wrestling with the same problem with my current ones too). All I can say is perhaps pin them to something you might use as sashing, take a picture and then put it side by side with the the picture you have here. That might tell you what to do. Might not too!!

  2. I'm not much of a fan of small baskets with a lot of negative space. I'd cut the blocks down a bit and make many, many more. At least enough for a wall hanging (or a lap quilt.) If you like the block size, make the baskets bigger. Or, use the same block size but make a bunch of bigger, different kinds of baskets - all mixed up. Tall, skinny ones, big fat ones, some with fat handles some with wavy handles...
    you get the picture.

    1. Delores, thank you for your idea! I like them and have made some changes I think you'll be enthused about in upcoming posts.


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