Remake Handmade-Memory Quilt Workshop

Hello to all of my faithful readers! Thank you for continuing to read my blog.

This is Chapter Thirteen-Remake Handmade. I'm counting backwards because my little bloggy spot is approaching 500 blog posts. WOW!

The photo below describes some of what I love to do, which is river fishing with my hubby of 32 years. He took this photo of me when doing the 2nd thing I love to do, hand stitching!

These chapters are a way for me to search out my own roots in the crafting I do and asking myself is this what I thought it would be like, some ten years down the way?

Back in 2007 when I started this blog, I knew nothing about blogging. I did it in secret. My friends and others thought me a little 'weird'. 

Eventually, most of them began to realize that blogging didn't mean me sharing everything we discussed or worked on in the privacy of our  homes, as just girlfriends! You know, right, who would do such a thing without consent!

Its been this blog, Good Earth Quilting that made me realize that I do have talented ideas to share.

As I've said before, I'm on the hunt for younger people who want to learn what I do in the Good Earth Quilting Mentorship Program.

I have enjoyed the exciting rush of making new quilts for people who found me online! I don't have an Etsy shop or do tons of promotion of my work on Facebook. 

I just craft away because it pleases me!

I reuse, even for my hexagon papers, its very easy and frugal for those on a budget!

I enjoy teaching more than anything in the world.

One of my best memories of teaching was when my Quick Women's Institute made a group quilt for one of our members. It brought us altogether in such a laughable way of making something comforting for someone else.

I do miss you all ladies! Say hi to everyone, Nola! 

Read the whole post at my other blog The Modern Crazy Quilt Project.

That is exactly why we quilt, is it not?

I have received some lovely comments from several years ago on posts from the past. And most recently too, I see that my readership is increasing.

This make me so happy!

I love remaking things from the past. Revamping new upholstery covering on an old fashioned chair with recycled denim. Forgot to take a photo of that one and it was sold for $10 years ago at one of our garage sales. Added value was given to the chair and please think about the added value your actions give back to the entire world when you "re-use and make it new again."

If you are concerned about the reuse movement to help others become committed to the ideology, then you must read this article from The Atlantic.

In the photo above, I've added value to the Dresden Plates accumulated from garage sales or thrift stores. I am proud to be someone who does actually try to think about what the discarded clothing can be remade into, such as can a dress be remade into say new curtains or a skirt. I do the same with all plastics, glass etc., but when I ask my friends about this, its not an approach most of us think about.

While waiting for our first child to be born, I made a braided rug from stretchy lounge-dress style of fabric. A few years ago, I took this rug apart, the sewing was not holding up to regular use wear and tear. Its now in a big ball waiting in storage for me to return.

Most recently I've found table linens in my stash and remade this project below.

We have all heard the saying "one man's garbage is another man's treasure" and we all think that our thrift stores, large and small are really taking care of these discards. But are they really gathering everything?

From the article above, you'll learn that its simply not the case and most of it is still going into landfills!

I find this unacceptable!

Free motion quilting and using the embroidery as the focus of this piece has enhanced this into something real, usable and pretty again.

The gold cross stitch must have been time consuming heh?

While the flamboyant flowery embroidery border must have also taken many hours of someone's life to make this lovely piece. 

I don't know the maker who made all these lovely stitches, but they speak to me of positive energy, calm and quiet faith believer.

I started this Remade wall quilt a long time while learning about Improv and modern piecing. I love how the light blue Cloud 9 100% Organic fabric, transformed a vintage embroidery into something more appealing for my own home. 
Its not the most beautiful wall quilt I've ever made, but its good for me.

I have found some awesome Remaker's who are trying to reuse what they have and granted, the "reuse" word has been improved by using the word "Upcycling" as the movement grows.

I'm doing a workshop in Victoria on March 11 at, which is targeted to those who want to make a one of a kind beginner t-shirt quilt.
I've carefully compiled a Beginner Memory Quilt workshop that allows for lots of spirited creativity for those self motivated and allows for lots of assistance to those true beginners to sewing.

I have been looking around so much and found 'one-off projects' on dozens of blogs, but one such blogger/entreprenuer Jill at Jembellish has written some good looking e-books. Her books will help you get jump started into some very good projects that will extend the life of any textile you have hanging around not really being used anymore.

I would love it if Jill sent me along one of her books. I'd love to help grow more awareness around reusing in an Upcycled way.

In my upcoming workshop at, you'll learn how to do Quilt As You Go method which has been used for decades with so much success and interest, it makes a quilter learn how to machine quilt their own quilts.

Thank you for reading this post!

Leave me a comment. 

I love to hear what you think in response to my thoughts shared here.

I'm on the countdown to 500 posts here at Good Earth Quilting!

Coming up is Chapter Twelve.


  1. Interesting and thought-provoking post! I think there is definitely a movement to go back to what our grandmothers did - reuse what they could. How many quilts created then were ever made from new fabrics? (btw - the 'click on the photo above' to be taken to your other blog doesn't work)

    1. Hi Mary Anne,
      Thanks for the alert of a link not working. I had not done my full editing before publishing that post. I have the link in place now for you to read.
      Yes, I agree, there is more interest in reusing or Upcycling!


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