Happiness Dresdon Plate Upcycled Quilt

Happy Sunday!

 I love getting to "my time" with Lucinda Williams softly playing in the background, the iron is warm, it looks like rain outside and I'm quilting!

I'm really digging how this quilt is finally coming together.

The continued scrappy feel of this quilt as colors and prints have collided into a happy smile on my face. I've been trying to figure out what to name this quilt. I'm seeing a 'happiness' factor speaking to me.

These Dresden Plate blocks are coming together and its fun to see them get into the dance together.

I've got some really "fun finishes" for December that I'm building in the back ground and hoping that your time for quilt has been a great time.

Stay tuned for these upcoming posts.

Off to go keep my iron warm!

Today, I'm linking up with one of my favorite link-up party:


  1. Why not call it Scrappy Happy Plates? I know - lame name!! The quilt certainly isn't lame though!!!!

  2. I love the scrappiness of this quilt. I would have been afraid to put some of those fabrics together...Gotta say that Bonnie Hunter would be very proud of you!! She loves all scraps.

  3. I adore the way you have used different colors for the background of your Dresdens. Great quilt!!

  4. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday.


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