Stitching and Embellishment Favorites

Everyone has a different slant on traditional foundation stitches.

In this photo, you can see that the yellow ribbon is actually yellow fine gauze type of fabric. I liked it so in it went into this piece.

Machine embroidery is another way that you can embellish your cq's with and many it have done professionally or do it themselves. It falls into "machine embroidery embellishment." I don't use a lot of machine embroidery of this a large design, but I think it looks really funky in the right setting.

My fish-mates found solace in books on this rainy day of fishing.
I turned to my stitching projects.
I think this is "true" embellishment in the purchased netting of orange and beige, bottom right.
In the center of this cq piece, I've used some sparkly braid from my upholstering materials. It fits right in and with crazy quilting, I do not believe in boundaries.

The freedom to create is what I think crazy quilting is all about, what do you think?

"Mr. Lumberjack" is a fabric drawing our oldest son did for an art project when he was 8 years old. I have saved it and crazy embellished on this one for several years, its getting close to being done.

Labels from clothing are a favorite thing to incorporate into my crazy quilting. 

What are your favorite things you keep on hand to embellish your crazy quilts with?

Tell me in a comment, I'm really interested to know. Hope you are having a lovely day, this last day of Labor Day Weekend.



  1. I've never tried crazy quilt but it's on my list of things to try, so this breakdown of the different ways you embellish is very interesting to me. I also love all the close-up shots of your work - I could look at them for hours.

    1. Hi Kaja,
      Thank you for this lovely comment on my work. I have done more crazy work than anything else in my quilting life so far. I just love to play with how many ways I can invent new ways of doing the traditional stitches.


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