Quilting for Others

Sometimes a new commission starts here, with a pile of clothing and some new FQ's for spice in the creation. Often an email is received and we get together to chat over the final details of the project. Clarity in this conversation is critical if you are going to actually make a handmade project for money.

Making things for friends and family is one thing, a fun thing. It doesn't have to be square even and family will love it.

When getting into the 'business so to speak' you are responsible for making the project that your customer has in mind. 

Sometimes a simple project is brought to you and  agreement is met with quickly. Did you ask the right questions? Has your customer flown off to Africa now and can't be reached.

Did they want a blue background or a brown background for their Mother's hand made Dresden Plates? 

Even if all you are doing is the hand applique, you must have a realistic hourly rate to quote to a potential customer. Yikes! a mistake like this can be a very real problem if you didn't speak about color. It begs the question that if you are going to be a vendor of handmade items, whether it be online or at a church fund-raiser, be prepared.

I have found the photocopies of Victoria Findlay Wolfe's tutorial making this Triangles Galore Tutorial.

I have a family request in camouflage fabric. That should be fun.

I hope my mind wanderings of things to think about when making things for money. I think that it makes sense to me that if someone asks me to make something I don't normally make, then hand the lead over to someone else in the business of crafting.

Before I go, how many of you know that you might want to join the Crazy Quilting Community on Google Communities.

It's very easy to post your own crazy quilts or stitches by clicking on the big + sign on the bottom right of the opening page.

Also, Happy Labour Day Weekend!
OK, I'm getting back to sewing.


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