Happy 365 Circles Progress

I'm so tickled to finally be nearing the half-way point of My 365 Circles quilt.

Quilty Folk

A few years ago I made my husband a quilt of his own. This is a really special quilt because I used my favorite method of the Slice and Dice Dresden Plates from the fabric using all Canadian Birds that are going extinct. My husband is a bit of  birder, not a complete addict or anything, but he fell in love with the fabric and the project began there.

I took a class with my good friend Louisa Robertson from the Okanagan.

Anyway, this Canadian Birds quilt is really warm for those cold winter nights when a wool lined quilt is the best comfort going.

But it's a little warm for other parts of the year. We needed a new king size quilt.

I have fallen in love with circles. I love crazy quilting, but this simple circle, yet complex set of circle shapes make things happen. You know?

Take the following "circles" google search and you'll likely stumble on a whole new world of unexplored possibilities in the images such as this blue little scrappy quilty circles version done by the lovely and talented Debbie of Stitchin Therapy.

I really feel the freshness of nature walk when I look at this set of circles. Its really lovely don't you think. And Debbie's email response to me for her permission to use this photo has not either been received or she is very busy. Needless to say, this photo does have her watermark on it and that could be why I haven't heard from her.

Using up scrappy bits of this and that fabric often have circular shapes cut from the fabric. Its a kind of karmic acceptance of the way the world turns. I believe that the circular shape is a natural way for people to share a common expression. I hand appliqued my Quilty Circles in my version. 

I did not spend a whole bunch of time pawing through bins of fabric scraps. My choices came quickly and without much hesitation, I was busy cutting out circles very organically.  I simply used another fabric circle pinned onto its buddy the 6.5 in. square background. Each block is likely to be trimmed down to a 5 3/4 inch.

I now am the proud owner of hundreds of wee tiny circles. I will start putting those to good use for something fun, maybe even in this quilt. Maybe in the border?

All is well on the creating front of my life. Are  you doing a 365 Quilty Circles quilt?

So far, I have 219 quilty circle blocks.

Take care and all the best.


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