Crazy Cushion Progress

Progress on my book "Artisan Crazy Quilting" is going well, with so much behind the scenes that I cannot share just yet.

I'm so glad to be back to a new Crazy Quilt project.

A gift of handmade art for a special lady.

I incorporated some favorite colors and was given the freedom to design. This little gem is soon be making its way across the ocean.

I had to complete it in very  little time, you can see my special approach to crazy quilting is totally moving towards a different kind of voice within the world of crazy quilting.

I am totally smitten with circles, they are finding their way into my dreams. Last night it was a Ferris wheel against a sunset!
I was having such fun and in my dreams, I simply don't feel vertigo that I do in real life!!

I will be place something on the corners, its all an experience every time I make a crazy quilt of any kind.

I reused a luscious graduation gown into this piece. But the champagne color left me a wee bit out of sorts and off I went to find something that went with the general color approach, finding the orange and black fabric. 

This is the back side of that fabric, it was bit too much of color for the kind of sweet and mature image I was given of the lady this cushion be gifted to soon.

This is the top so far, and still in progress.

I intend to cover the corner areas of the border stitched strip to make them pop!

I've more to do today quilters and wishing you all happy times.

I'll post more after the weekend!


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