Refinishing and Dreaming

Hello quilting friends!
Today's post is a utility post on things I'm getting out of the way because they bug me hanging around in my sewing room and besides, hubby deserves a little love on his shirt.

Problem: worn down collar on a favorite flannel guys shirt.

The Fix: cut fabric from bottom of shirt, sew new hem on bottom and applique a cover up on the collar issue.

I machine sewed the bottom edge that I had to cut off so I had fabric for the collar fix.

Then hand appliqued new cover up in place and it looks so lovely. Hubby is thrilled!

I forgot to get a photo of what the blue shirt collar issue looked like before I mended it. Gee, its amazing how fast you get out of sinc with your blogging process if left for a few weeks.

Below is what the finished blue shirt applique on the collar looked like finished.

Here is the next red flannel shirt with another collar issue to fix. Not all my quilting and sewing is to make beautiful quilts, sometimes its just plain old fashioned mending.

I'm organizing for a lovely quilt retreat in Cowichian Lake this weekend.

Quilty Folk

I've decided to join up with Quilty 365 as my recent find at a thrift shop was perfect, already cut cirlces, it was like Karma!

Gardens of the King by Missie Carpenter is my start for this retreat weekend.

Happy Quilting everyone!

Happy New Year!


  1. Good Idea to keep up with the mending. Have fun on your quilt retreat!

    1. Hi Janie, thanks so much for popping in for a visit. My back has been quite upset and just working on testing to settle it down before this retreat.

  2. Now that's a woman who loves her man!

    1. Happy New Year! I do love my man, we recently celebrated 31 years!

  3. Happy New Year! I love your husband's shirt. It will make great patchwork once it gets too worn for you to mend.

    1. Right back at you! I have a bunch of shirts saved already for a plaid quilt just for his truck, he's hoping I can make it soon.


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