Hand Quilting Modern Makeover

Last night it was a little crazy weather time. High winds, blowing snow and then we lost power. We had no Internet last night or today either. So please enjoy my little wee post.

And I've had such lovely comments from soo many people, it's a humbling feeling to read what others think of my work. It is work to me. With getting used the various back issues that have suddenly arrived in my life, I do more sitting.

I know that sitting is all the biggest threat to health, but what is a person to do? I work hard on making myself feel valued and cared about and this blog does serve that feedback loop of friends and sisters from far away who enjoy what I do.

Thank you to all the various sisters I have around the world, thank you!!

Happy slow quilting has become my new mantra!


  1. Lovely quilting Caroline! Hope your weather is treating you more kindly now! Christine x

    1. Hi Christine, finally I'm satisfied that the Internet is truly working again. We had a nasty storm sweep through yesterday and I think we're done with that one. But you know, its weird to be here on the 12 of November and still no snow, just a hint of it, but nothing substantial. I can still see green grass in my yard. Thanks so much for your kind comment. I've been reading your lovely embroidery posts. I didn't comment, so little time when trying to do everything from a phone and hen pecking. :)


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