Clever Embroidery Series- Pam Kellogg

Hello quilty friends! I've found another awesome embroiderer and this one is a crazy quilter too!

I introduce Pam Kellogg.

What age were you when you began hand embroidery stitching?

According to my mom, I started stitching at about 7 years old.  Mom would give me a piece of netting and yarn in a big plastic needle.  That would keep me busy if she was on the phone.  By the time I was 8 years old, my maternal grandmother was teaching me how to embroider on a pre-stamped kitchen towel.  Grandma spent hours showing me over and over how to make French Knots.  She had the patience of a saint!

What teaching did you have when you started?  

Once I got the hang of basic embroidery stitches from my mom and my grandma, I pretty much taught myself how to do needlepoint, hooked rugs and counted cross stitch.  I loved counted cross stitch and after doing that for awhile, I decided to try my hand at charting my own designs.  I submitted my work to several cross stitch magazines and manufacturers and was surprised when they accepted my designs!  Shortly thereafter, I was designing professionally on a full-time basis.

In 2001, I caught the Crazy Quilting bug.  I saw a beautiful Crazy Quilt block in a quilting magazine and decided to try that.  It wasn't too long before I put the counted cross stitch down.  Crazy Quilting became my passion.  I loved that I could use all the little bits and scraps of things that I've saved over the years.  Lace, ribbons, trims, beads, buttons, vintage jewelry pieces and so on.  I also loved that I could apply all of my needlework skills to this one artform.

Have you taken any classes, if so, where and who would you recommend as an online teacher of embroidery?

I've never taken a single class on any needlework subject.  I learn best by just jumping in and doing it. 

Do you sell your work or is it just for your own enjoyment?

I no longer sell my stitched pieces.  I did at one time, have an Etsy shop.  Instead, I publish a "print on demand" magazine devoted entirely to the art of Crazy Quilting.  It's published quarterly and it's filled with tutorials, how to's, articles, patterns and eye candy.  The contents are reader contributions so the magazine offers loads of ideas and inspiration for the beginner and intermediate art quilter.  

Please tell us what starts you onto a new project, what inspires you?

The majority of my inspiration comes from the upcoming season or holiday.  I love anything with a nature theme and that can be seen quite often in my work.  On occasion, a flea market find, such as a vintage brooch will inspire a purse or a pillow but for the most part, it's nature.

Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine can be found here along with my other publications:

Please don’t forget to tell us your blog address, shop address and other related links like facebook or twitter, so followers can find you?

Hope you enjoyed this look at another wonderful hand embroidery and embellishments used in Pam's work. I think that crazy quilting is such a wide road of diversity in skill, tools and style that more quilters should really give it a try just to find out if its what you like to do.

Please visit my page devoted to one very popular crazy quilting tutorial.

Happy Quilting everyone!


  1. What fun to stop in and see an interview with one of my best online friends!

  2. Loved reading more about Pam! I have been buying her magazine on a regular basis.... it is beautiful! Her blocks are fabulous too! Thank you both! Christine x

  3. Nice post showcasing Pam, my longtime blogger friend, inspiration and fellow Cubs Lover.
    xx, Carol

    1. Excellent, so glad you enjoyed this post. Still no Internet.

  4. Thanks for sharing this interview, I'm not familiar with Pam, but she must be a kindred spirit with all that great crazy quilt skill. Nice to meet you, Pam.

    1. You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your comment. :)

  5. Good to learn some more about Pam - thanks Carli. xx

    1. Thank you Lin, glad to spread the world of crazy quilting.

  6. Pam is new to me but I love the work you show here, so I'm off to discover more. This is a great idea for a series of posts.

    1. HI Kaja! Thanks for that nice comment! I believe that there are thousands of similar minded crazy quilters out there and by showing Clever Embroider's just helps to grow the interest for others to learn.


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