Roadside Autumn Market-Update

I first posted these as we were traveling through B.C.'s beautiful Fraser Canyon, this 84 Km length is a photographer's dream at any time of day. It was the ONLY way through to the Northern Interior of B.C. until a decade or two ago when the B.C. Ministry of Transportation made a second route over the mountains to Merritt, which is also lovely, but can be deadly in the winter. Its really a great highway, but because the mountains determine the weather so much, it is one to miss in winter if you're a visitor.

This time of year is really colorful with all the trees turning golden and brown. But its the friendly people and drive by markets that make it really special.

(Thank You Wiki for this photo.)

If  you are planning a trip to B.C. in the coming years, please do make this part of B.C. on your itinerary! Just click on the link above for all the information links you'd require.

If you are planning a trip, I also recommend visiting little Lilloet, B.C, which is perched on another gorgeous Lilloet River Canyon. 

Happy Autumn, Happy Quilting folks!


  1. The colors of fall are always beautiful, aren't they?

  2. I am enjoying the pics you are sharing along the way.
    xx, Carol


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